Sohail Qureshi Social Worker Help For Poor Child

Help others to have a better future is easier than you think; you don't need to wait to become a billionaire like Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey to help the non profits to make the difference. You can become a volunteer, you can donate your time, you can donate your old clothes, etc. And in doing so, you

can become a better person and a happier human-being . Choose what you are going to be able to give. Yes! Sometimes isn't only money – you can donate your time as a volunteer, you can donate your knowledge teaching poor kids, you can donate your old clothes, you can donate food, you can share a meal with a hungry child, you can define where your heart wants to start! Promote your cause. Spread the word around the world, tell your friends, your kids, put it in your blog, in your websites, because the good actions you do will be multiplied in this way!
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20 June , Wednesday 00:55

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