Social Club Presents GREEN JELLO

Beginning in high school over 36 years ago in 1981, the band Green Jellö had one mission … to be the worst band in the world. This goal was achieved from the get-go with their first TV appearance in 1987 on “The Gong Show” (, since then, they have most recently

been given the title of the “Largest Band In The World” by the Guinness World Record people for having over 700 members across the United States of America, Canada, and Mexico. Even more astonishing lies in the fact that the members of this band are some that, at first glance, would not even remotely come to mind—artists like Gene Simmons of KISS (, Maynard James Keenan of Tool (, Hulk Hogan (, and “Weird” Al Yankovic with B-Movie horror queen Karen Black ( —just to name a few. Throughout its career, though, there have been two permanent mainstays, founding member and director of all videos Bill Manspeaker and his cast of Green Jellö punk rock puppets—Moronic Dicktator, Marshall “Dux” Staxx, Fred Flintstoned, Three Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf, just to name a few—and the fact that their accomplishments as a band have been grossly understated. Green Jellö is a band rife with little-known facts:
They were first band to have their music featured as the soundtrack to a home video game, 1994 Acclaim’s “Maximum Carnage.” (
They held the record for the most requested video in MTV history (
Their music has also appeared in a number of comedy films; the Jim Carrey film “Dumb and Dumber,” the Ben Stiller film “Reality Bites,” Pauly Shore’s “Son In Law”, and the John Goodman film “The Flintstones.” As well as the Marvel animated cartoon series the Fantastic Four
There are numerous other accolades (being nominated for a Grammy, MTV Video Music Award, and a Billboard Music Award)—but outside of that, one of the largest accomplishments to happen to Green Jellö mastermind Bill Manspeaker, when owned a state of the art animation television and recording studio in Hollywood called “Green Jello Productions.” During his tenure there, he worked on projects with KISS, Marilyn Manson, Tool, Ramones, as well as directors Spike Jonez and Tim Burton, Playboy, The Suicide Girls, and Hanna Barbara, among others. He also utilized his knowledge and experience in working with stagecraft to start, and teach at the “Green Jello Punk Rock Puppet Making School” (which boasts an impressive 200 students across the United State Canada and Mexico), as well as being a motivational speaker at the Art Institute of Santa Monica.
However, the most recent accomplishments are the ones that are truly impressive: Green Jellö have also sold over 14 million songs worldwide grossing over $25 million dollars, have over 20 Million plays on YouTube, over the last five years have sold over 1 million songs on ITunes, worked again with Marvel Comics for “Marvel Heroes 2015,” (, a worldwide commercial for Shell Gasoline (, and currently in development is a 24/7 live internet broadcasting station called “Green Jellovision.” But the one fact that is most appealing is that Green Jellö held the record for the BIGGEST SELLING DEBUT RECORD in England’s chart history with the release of their single “Three Little Pigs.” Jolly good!
So yes, they have been doing well Having played over 700 shows across the United States, Canada, and Mexico since 2008—including playing the Punk Rock Legends stage on the Vans Warped Tour (— the show put on by Green Jellö now is just as good as they have ever put on before, if not better (
Green Jello promoting irresponsibility since 1981

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165 CHURCH ST, 05401
16 February , Friday 19:30

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