SlowRiders Trail: Halswell Quarry.

Hey all,


We'll park at the Cashmere Road carpark, and ride up to the newly re-opened Siberia Track.
Halswell is riding pretty well, with a bunch of new technical singletrack to explore. Rooty, steep and (because it's now daylight savings) dark.

Bring your lights and a sense of adventure.



We had two public SlowRider Trail events last week; our normal Wednesday night ride was at Living Springs and our Sunday ride 'Last Man Standing', where we rode bloody near 50 kilometers and over 4 x Rapaki's worth of climbing.

We didn't make it to Anaconda, but maybe next year!


This is the Wednesday night SlowRiders 'Trail' ride.
These are typically grade two and three (intermediate) trails. During the winter and while we're riding at night, you might want to consider everything a grade harder. If you're unsure of your ability, consider checking out the Tuesday SlowRiders XC (Cross Country) ride first. See what your pace is like at XC, then work up to Trail, then ride both nights like a champion!

The SlowRiders' rides are free and open to all, if you enjoy the rides we recommend that you join the club (link below) so you can join us for weekend adventures too!

We're keen and open to sharing the ride leadership role around - it is great to have people who are keen to contribute to rides and riding. Let us know if you are keen to step up and lead a ride - it's a great way to give back to this neat sport. We'll take care of the FaceBook event creation and getting the event on the Canterbury Mountain Bike Club website calendar, all you have to do is have a plan of where you want to ride :)

After our ride we'll meet up together somewhere fun and casual for dinner and/or drinks to help with rehydration and planning for weekend adventures!

** Please check back here at 5pm on Wednesday if it's excessively windy or raining, the backup plan is to ride at Bottlelake or Halswell Quarry - Our #weRide hashtag means exactly that… we ALWAYS ride! **

Slowriders' rules apply - leave the race mentality at home, be prepared to laugh, encourage others have fun and be social! No one is left behind and there is always someone acting as 'Tail End Charlie' to help with technical issues or a bit of encouragement. This isn't a guided trip, so pack your first aid kit, spare clothing, some tools, food and drink - always good to carry that stuff with you anyway :)

These rides have planned stops to re-group and will be well suited for intermediate/advanced riders.

Join the Canterbury Mountain Bike Club:

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SlowRiders on Instagram:
(Any regulars keen to share the account and take some photos too?)

Port Hills Track Status and Locations:

Christchurch Adventure Park Track Status:

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Kennedys Bush Road, 8025
04 April , Wednesday 18:15

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