Śivasūtra-s: Teachings of God

Śivasūtra-s is a Sanskrit scripture revealed by Lord Śiva to the 9th-century sage, Vasugupta. It consists of 77 sūtra-s or aphorisms, which, according to tradition, were found inscribed on a rock in Kashmir. The Śivasūtra-s are the scriptural authority for the philosophical school known as Kashmir Shaivism

(or Trika). Thus, Śivasūtra-s is the primordial Trika scripture which was revealed by Śiva Himself.

Śri Gabriel Pradīpaka is a spiritual Guru, conversant with Sanskrit language and Trika philosophy. In this seminar, Gurujī will shed light on the Śivasūtra-s. The list of topics to be dealt with by Gurujī in the seminar are mentioned in the event page.

• Discovery of the Śivasūtra-s:

In this world, on the sacred mountain Mahādeva, someone worthy of reverence lived. His heart had been purified by the Noble Tradition of the various Self-realized Beings and Yoginī-s pertaining to the Supreme Lord. He was a great devotee of the Lord and a Guru. His name: Vasugupta.

Once upon a time, the Supreme Śiva, disposed to grant Favor and with the intention that: "Let the Secret Tradition not be interrupted in this world of the living beings which is mostly perfumed with the dualistic viewpoint!"; expanded in dream the consciousness of that (Vasugupta) by bestowing Divine Grace on him. He said to him so:
"Here, on this mountain, there is the Secret Esoteric Teaching under a big stone. Having obtained it, reveal it to those who are fit for receiving Divine Grace".
Having awakened, he --i.e. Vasugupta-- started to search about that big stone. And having found it, he turned it round by a mere touch of the hand, seeing with his own eyes the dream confirmed. He thus obtained a set of 77 aphorisms which were known as "The Aphorisms of Śiva -- Śivasūtra-s".

Thus, Śivasūtra-s were found by Vasugupta engraved on a flat stone by following the instructions given to him by Śiva during a dream. The Śivasūtra-s were revealed to Vasugupta by Śiva, that is, they were not written by a human hand. In them --i.e. in the Śivasūtra-s--, it is firstly taught, in complete opposition to those following the doctrine of difference between man and the Lord, that "Śiva alone, in the highest sense of (the word) Consciousness, is the Self of the universe".

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Jammu City
27 March , Sunday 11:00

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