Sister District Open House in Elk Grove Village

Have you been looking for a way to get involved in the coming blue tidal wave - to help elect Democrats so that we can better counter the Trump agenda? Do you want to team up with a well-organized, strategic and proven effective group?

If so, please join us for an open house and introduction to Sister

District. Let's see if we can get a group active in the Northwest suburbs. If you have friends looking for a way to get involved, please bring them too.

Sister District focuses on strategically chosen state legislative races that can be flipped from red to blue. We were tremendously successful in 2017 transforming the Virginia House of Delegates, and will be focusing on Michigan in 2018. State legislatures are key to neutralize partisan gerrymandering, protect voting rights, and impact a wide range of progressive issues from health care to education to gun laws.

Come and learn why state races are so crucial and so much fun to work on. Find out how you can be involved - many different ways to suit different people.

Please message Sandra Sullivan-Dunbar for address if you plan to come.

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PM Sandra Sullivan-Dunbar for address
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14 April , Saturday 15:00