SHOTOKAN KARATE - Open Air Self-Defense Training


Open Air Self-Defense Training

The "TSKD Karate Do" from Solingen/Germany wants to provide for the first time an open air Self-Defense training in San Paolo di Civitate / Italy!

The training will be based on just a few basic techniques

of the Shotokan Karate-Do,
to ensure that everyone will have the opportunity to participate.
It doesn´t matter if you´ve got martial arts knowledge or not.
Even your age doesn´t matter (6 years and above).

The training will contain the following kihon / basic techniques:
Upper block - Age Uke
Middle block - Soto Uke
Lower block - Gedan barai
Middle punch - Oi-Tsuki

Time: 18:30 - 19:45 o´clock
Date: probably Thursday the 28 of July 2016
Costs: Free / no fees
Age: 6 years and above
Location: Street unknown till sofar, San Paolo di Civitate

Participation on own risk / responsibility.
Please be aware that pictures will be made.
By participation you´ll accept that some pictures might be be posted on the internet.

The date will be most likely on the 28 of July 2016.
If there will be any changes regarding the date and or time, you will be informed by this thread.
If you want to participate, than please join this event.

By the way, we are still looking for a park or a soccer field where we can keep the training.
If you´ve got a place in your mind, than please send us the street / location and/or contact details.

Contact email address:

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San Paolo di Civitate
28 July , Thursday 18:30

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