Sensory Illumination XII - 2018

In this, the 12th year of our community evolution, comes forth once more an evocation of sensory immersion. Summoning the now mythic experience of color and light and sound, performances of fire and melody and polychromatic costumes of stunning diversity, an experience to enfold you in a sensual cloud

of enchantment. Altitude Lounge casts its magic, calls forth its vaunted allure to bring you the most captivating event of all seasons.

Come forth, oh denizens, like candle flames in the night, Will-O-Wisps of laughter and joy. We wait, together in the secret grove of spun enchantment, to celebrate the collective beauty of our creation.

What is Sensory Illumination?
It is a fundraiser celebration to support and exhibit the arts in our community. Both as a festival and after, where a portion of your ticket sales are used for grants and to pay for materials to grow artistic expression in many forms.

The Electro Lounge Stage -
9-10 NIIX
10-11 - Effy K
11-12 - Traveler
12-1 - Vicious Eve
1-2 - Skittish & Bus

Stay tuned for artist, lineup and stage announcements.

Early bird tickets are now available for a limited time. Get them while you can!

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100 S 6th St, 83702
07 April , Saturday 20:00

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