Senior Ukulele Recital

We have practiced for many a night and WE. ARE. READY. to share our ukulele adventure with you. Let us show you a whole new world.... PRESENTING: LAS DOS (ft. Jocelyn Alcalá and Ayyyyybagel Gerdes).

Real Dialogue overheard on "The Link":
1: Are you going to Las Dos' Uke Recital???
2: Ya, Bruh.
1: Cool.


(Bring Your Own Brownies) & a snuggly blanket. Bring your friends, roommates, moms, dads, The Pope, professors, friends, dogs, and fellow pet rocks (we will have our pet rocks, Chicken Nugget and Dingus, here to play with your pet rocks...). Reception to follow in our kitchen. Let us take you back to the grassroots of Uke playing.

Be there or be hexagonal.

- Adios.

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Our Living Room
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23 January , Monday 19:30