SEMINAR THYROID -- OPTIMAL HEALTH by Body System Educational with Self-Questionnaire

SEMINAR THYROID -- OPTIMAL HEALTH by Body System Educational with Self-Questionnaire

Saturday, FEBRUARY 6th 2016
3:30 - 5:00 pm Seminar & Self-Questionnaire
5:30 - 6:00 pm Muscle Testing Demo 5-6pm (optional)

Complimentary - NO COST to attend

Tamara Stuchlak 9832 Lakepointe Drive, Burke,

VA 22015
703-581-9103 (smartphone)

Parking options:
1) Cul-de-sac behind house walk thru gate and into walk-out basement, or
2) In a “reserved” space with yellow paint marked “reserved”; not in a space with house #.

You can help your body HEAL
Shep Saltzman, RN
• Licensed Acupuncturist
• Licensed Herbalist
• Chinese Medicine
• Personalized Holistic Treatment Plans

“Shep Saltzman is my first line of defense and my primary prevention and healing licensed professional for all conditions. Because pursuing optimal health is important to me, I rely on Shep as an expert resource for preventive and restorative care as an adjunct to my self-care. I marvel at his commitment to continuing education, and thinking/acting like a medical scientist to personalize my care to address multiple systems root cause for renewal. As a health care executive for the past 25 years committed to best practices in holistic health, it is my privilege to sing Shep’s praise.” - Tamara K. Stuchlak, MPH

The Thyroid Function Seminar
Shep Saltzman - R.N., Licensed Acupuncturist, Herbalist
Vienna Complementary Medicine
Feel Cold Losing Your Hair Depressed Infertile Memory Loss Inability to Focus Dry Skin Brain fog Constipation Cold Hands/Feet Wake Up Tired Dry Hair Gaining Weight Cannot Lose weight Fatigue Get sick often Feel Anxious Feel Overwhelmed Feel Unmotivated Feel Hopeless
Do you suffer with any of the above symptoms? This seminar is focused on Thyroid dis-function, which can cause any of the above symptoms.
Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, (auto-immune Thyroid) will be covered in depth, as well as why Thyroid symptoms are so common and so hard to deal with.
An approach using nutrition, homeopathy, herbs and Allergy elimination will be presented as an alternative to hormone replacement therapy. A review of lab tests and currently prescribed hormones will be included.
Why hormones are not correcting you symptoms, if you are already taking them will be discussed.
Solutions are available. If you suspect you have a Thyroid issue, irregardless of what you have been told, come to this seminar. Start working on healing these vital functions.
Tamara Stuchlak
9832 Lakepointe Drive
Burke, VA 22015
Saturday, FEBRUARY 6th 2016
3:30 - 5:00 pm
5:30-6:00 pm optional muscle testing
Complementary – RSVP

Integrative Medicine Licensed Expert
EMPOWERS YOU to learn very VALUABLE Information About
What Your Questionnaire tells you about your Health?

Shep Saltzman, Licensed Holistic Professional will go over what your self-assessment questionnaire questions and answers mean and no one reveals their answers:
1. How to Assess your General Health status for Imbalances in cholesterol, blood sugar, liver and gallbladder function, hormonal balances, stomach and intestinal health, allergies, inflammation, thyroid and adrenal function.
2. Causes for Imbalances are discussed after you complete a confidential self-assessment questionnaire.
3. After the seminar you will be able to identify health concerns and imbalances from multiple perspectives – Western Medicine, Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy and Nutrition.
4. You will be able to learn about the relationship of your imbalances to: stress, life-style, diet, medication use, allergies, weight, and existing conditions you are being treated for.

Do you suffer with any of these symptoms?
Can’t lose weight? Can’t focus?
Feeling tired and wake up tired? Feel cold -- cold hands/feet?
Feel depressed? Have dry skin and hair?
Suffer from constipation? Losing your hair?

You’ll be shown how to take your HEALTH PULSE like a home inspection for how your body and brain is functioning.

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Tamara Stuchlak 9832 Lakepointe Drive, Burke, VA 22015
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06 February , Saturday 15:30