Second Chance Event 2: A Line in The Earth

The first foray of the peoples into the unknown both did and did not go well. Interactions with the locals were mixed and there were injurieds, deaths. The first story of the new world is one written in blood and most dangerously of all, an army of the dead appeared in and around the First City. Casualties

were heavy and yet after 3 days the walking corpses withdrew taking with them their bolstered numbers and in their wake, silence reigned.

Time passed, months. Initial forays from scouts then found little trace of where the dead had gone and the city was left to lick it's wounds and take stock of what had happened. Loss turned to anger, blame was thrown for how this had come to happen.

The city became wary, few new expeditions were sent. Then the furthest roving scouts saw them again. The dead were coming once more, though none knew why they had gone though now why they were coming back. The city has few real defenders, no real army as such, a call has been put out for the line to be held against whatever horrors are coming.

Playing: £60
Monstering: Free!

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Bishops Lydeard
27 April , Friday 17:00

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