Scream For Summer Casting Call

Jonestown Films is pleased to present the casting call for their 3rd feature entitled “SCREAM FOR SUMMER”. The film is a throwback to 90’s “Who Done It” horror films and is based on a screenplay written by Cheyenne Gordon whose previous work includes acting bits in “The Killbillies” and “The Wicked One”

the latter of which he co-wrote. Mr. Gordon will be making his directorial debut on this feature.

This is a NON-UNION production. Catering and Lodging will be provided as well as IMDB credit. The Film will be shot primarily in Eastern Kentucky including Madison, Estill, and Boyle Counties, respectfully. The film will shoot on weekends from April 1st to June 11th. Weekends must be kept open for availability.
The Auditions will take place on Saturday January 14th at Images Model and Talent Agency in Lexington Kentucky from 2pm to 8pm. The Address is 2401 Regency Rd #303, Lexington, KY 40503


All Headshots and Resumes can be sent to

Graduation is over, and for Sam Willis and her friends there’s only one summer left to make as many memories as possible. But when teenagers of the town begin to fall victim to a crazed killer in a distorted smiley face mask, the memories will turn out anything but good for the group. As bodies pile up, the twist of who is responsible may come a shock to all.

TRISTAN- 18, Quiet, shy, and love sick center point of our core group. He’s madly in love with Sam but lacks the courage to tell her. His infatuation makes him the punching bag of his friend’s jokes. Sports a tone and athletic build.

TESS- 17, The sarcastic and witty best friend to Sam. While not a member of the in crowd, she still is very attractive. Her brutal honesty and loyalty to her friends make up some of her best traits. A complete ball of energy. Her brother was Sam’s boyfriend before his accidental drowning a year earlier.

ZEKE- 18, The stoner/herb loving friend of our core group. He loves hanging around his friends and girlfriend Jenna. His temperament and lack of caring makes him a lovable and likable guy.

JENNA- Late Teens, the girlfriend to Zeke and likewise lover of “herbs.” Jenna is a small framed, whatever sort of girl. She goes with the flow and is super close to Sam and Tess.

MONICA- Late Teens, The Queen B and most popular girl at Geneva High, Monica is everything you could expect. She’s slim, fit, wears the finest of clothes, throws wild parties, and lives life large due to her family’s wealth and thinks she rules the universe. *PARTIAL NUDITY REQUIRED must be 18 and above to apply.

JOSH- Late Teens, Previous Captain of the football team and super jock type. Boyfriend to Monica and former prom king.

TARA- Late Teens, Best friend to Monica, Very Spoiled and self-centered. Tara only cares about the in crowd and pleasing her bestie.

CLAIRE- Late Teens, The Third Wheel of the snobs, Claire follows Monica and Tara around and does as they do. She cares only about popularity and partying.

STEVE- Late Teens, Tara’s boyfriend and also former sports star at Geneva High.

TAMMY- Late 40’s to Early 50’s. Tammy is the highly medicated and mentally unfit mother of Sam. She’s socially distant and strained when it comes to her daughters. Completely zoned out.

SHERIFF HAMMOND- Late 40’s to Early 50’s. While appearing Rough and Gruff on the outside, he sports a kind heart. Loves his job and has been the Sheriff in Geneva for a very long time.

KAREN- 30’s to 40’s, Brody’s co-worker at the drive in theater. She’s not a fan of Brody or teenagers in general. Very focused and overly serious about her job.

KID- 6-11 years old, very meek and timid

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14 January , Saturday 14:00