SCITA Research Program Alex.

If you are interested in a deep trip in Scientific Research Don't miss The Largest Conference in Scientific Research :)

برنامج البحث العلمى فى الاسكندرية :D

عشان كتير من اهل اسكندرية طلبوا اننا نكرر برنامج البحث العلمى فى الاسكندرية فعشان كده احنا جاينلكم بالـ Program بتاعنا كامل 6 Levels .. بداية

من يوم 17 -9 حتى 20-9 فى مركز Workstation بسموحة

هنعرف فى التدريب ده كل حاجة عن البحث العلمى من اول الفكرة البحثية لحد النشر مرورا بكل خطوات البحث العلمى و هنتدرب عليها :)

Conference Content

(Level 1)
■ Introduction to Scientific Research
■ Research Idea
■ Research question Criteria
■ How to formulate a good research question
■ How to conduct & write Literature review
■ Research Experience & Speeches for Model of young Researchers how published

(Level 2)
■ Searching in academic data bases
■ Google Scholar Workshop
■ PubMed Workshop
■ Scopus, EPSCO and other Databases
■ How to use EKB (Egyptian Knowledge Bank) & get access to free research papers.
■ Scientific Paper Structure
■ Reading research papers Workshop
■ Referencing workshop using Mendeley & EndNote

(Level 3)
■ Evidence-based medicine Pyramid
■ Study Design
■ Clinical Research
■ Non-Experimental Research
■ Research Ethics

(Level 4)
■ Methods of Data collection
■ Types of Data
■ Sampling
■ Role of Bio-statistics in research
■ Normal Data Distribution
■ Central tendency (Mean,Mode,Median)
■ Variability (Range,Variance,Standard deviation & Coefficient of variance)
■ Central limit theorem
■ Z-Distribution
■ T-Distribution
■ Binomial Distribution
■ Confidence interval of population
■Confidence Interval of a mean
■ Margin of Error (SEM)
■ SPSS Workshop

(Level 5)
■ Scientific Writing guidelines
■ Plan for writing
■ Research papers Examples
■ Research Publication
■ Peer reviewing
■ Selecting Research journals for publication
■ Journal Metrics (Impact factor , Simago, SNP)
■ Researcher Metrics (Citation,H index , i10- index)
■ How to make your research profile on: (Academia , Researcher Gate , Google scholar)

(Level 6)
■ Evidence based Medicine
■ Systematic review and meta analysis
■ Recommended Standards for Initiating a Systematic Review
■ Finding and Assessing Individual Studies
■ Recommended Standards for Synthesizing the Body of Evidence
■ Recommended Standards for Reporting Systematic Reviews
■ Improving the Quality of Systematic Review: Discussion, Conclusion, and Recommendations.

Methods of Registration:
Transfer The Fee (500 LE) through one of these Methods:

1- El-Ahly Bank Account: 1220000036201603955
Name: Amr Hassan Anwar Amin
After you transfere the fees Call this No to confirm the payment: 01099566980

2- Vodfone Cash: 01099566980
Then call the same No. to confirm the payment

3- Orange Money: 01202195244
Then call the same No. to confirm the payment

4- "Fawry" خدمة فورى
Go to the nearest Kiosk or Super Market has Fawry Service , and make payment on Orange Wallet (محفظة فلوس اورانج) on this No. 01202195244, Then call the same No. to confirm the payment

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29 Al-Fardous Street, Smouha
17 September , Sunday 10:00

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