Saturday April 16th in Mapleton

Altered (Spayed/Neutered) Unaltered (NOT Spayed/Neutered)
One Year License $15.00 $35.00
Two Year License $25.00 $65.00
Three Year License $35.00 $95.00

A license becomes invalid if the rabies vaccination expires before the license expiration date. If your dog’s rabies vaccination expires before

the license, bring proof that a new rabies vaccination has been administered to the South Utah Valley Animal Shelter to revalidate the license. The rabies vaccination makes the dog legal in the state of Utah and the license makes the dog legal to own in your city.

In order to serve the pet owners of Utah County, we try to hold regular licensing and low cost vaccination clinics in different locations throughout the south part of the county. Check back here often on the website to see when the next clinic will be.

Each rabies vaccination costs $12, and other vaccinations for both dogs and cats will be $10-25 each, with no exam fee.

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305 North Main Street, Mapleton Utah (around back of fire station)
adress is not specified
16 April , Saturday 10:00