Ryan's farewell tour

Hi everyone! I know this is crazily early for this invite, but I figured people have families, jobs, etc. and this would be ample time to get your affairs in order and give me a yay or nay as to wether or not you are coming considering this is the big 3-0 we are talking about and I am saying goodbye

to my 20's. Quite a bittersweet feeling but at the same time, how often do you have a 30th birthday. Might as well go out the way I came in, face first, guns blazing, and on fire (joking about the on fire part by the way. Lol)

Here are the details of the party:

What's going on: hangout, party bus, and then clubbing afterwards!

Where it's taking place: my house then when the bus arrives, go from there.

What to bring: yourselves, $40 admission towards bus (can give to me any time, but I'm taking it no later than two weeks before the date, if out of town, Message or call me and let's talk. I also might throw in dinner before bus pending how much is raised), and your own booze or whatever you drink.

Why: Why the hell not?!? One last night of insanity before I leave the twenties.

RSVP when you can and we will have some fun!

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26 June , Sunday 03:00

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