Running Total

What? We’re going to combine the efforts of our running! We’ll tally it up on a weekly basis and try to beat our cumulative total the following week. We’re collectively running against our collective selves. Sound good?

Where? Outside your front door (or on a treadmill). Anywhere actually


Anytime. But I'll tally up the distance on a Sunday evening and post to the event, page and website on Monday mornings.

Why? Because you’ll feel better about yourself, get fitter, and have a bit of ‘fun’. It can only benefit you! So why not?

So what do I need to do? Just start running, if you aren't already. Every time you've gone for one just post your distance to the event, page or tweet with #runningtotal. Any distance whether it's 1km or 100km.

What do I get? Well it would be great if you got something at the end. As it stands now there isn't any 'thing' you get. You never know, a year is a long time and I might be able to organise some sort of 'prize'. For now though you'll get fitter, healthier and happier! Isn't that enough?!

(The event date is set to a year from now. Will be interesting to see how many miles we can accumulate from how many runners in a years time.)

Oh yea it's open to friends and family if you want to invite them.


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16 March , Wednesday 00:00