Running Science Symposium

This is an event for runners of the Memphis community. Attendees should post questions and topics on this page to be answered by our expert panel of speakers during the symposium on February 2nd.

This is a FREE event and anyone interested in running is welcomed!

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Expert Panel
Sport Physiology: Rick Bloomer, PhD
Dr. Bloomer is an expert in sport physiology with a focus on nutraceutical and dietary supplements for sport performance improvement. He is the interim director of the School of Health Studies at U of Memphis and director of the Center for Nutraceutical and Dietary Supplement Research and of the Cardiorespiratory/Metabolic Laboratory.

Sport Nutrition: Blair Mize, MS, RDN, LDN
Blair Mize is an expert in sport nutrition with personal insight into the running world. A runner throughout her life, Blair has run competitively in distances ranging from 800 meters to marathons. She understands that fueling well is crucial to optimal performance, and she counsels athletes and consults with teams on nutrition periodization, hydration, and nutrition for injury prevention as partner at Schilling Nutrition Therapy, LLC.

Sport Biomechanics & Coaching: Max Paquette, PhD
Dr. Paquette is an expert in sport biomechanics with a focus on running mechanics for performance improvement and injury prevention. A former competitive middle distance runner he now coaches competitive runners using a multi-dimensional approach. He is an Assistant Professor in Exercise and Sport Science and the director of the Sport Performance And Health Consulting Center at U of Memphis.

Sport Psychology & Performance: Lauren Paquette, MS
Lauren Paquette is an expert in sport psychology and a professional middle distance track athlete. She consults with athletes of all levels to improve the mental aspect of their performance. She is currently preparing for the USA Track & Field Olympic Trials in the 5000m and brings great insight on how to handle the ups and downs of training and competition.

Footwear/Technology: Bryan Roberson, Breakaway Athletics
Bryan is an expert in running footwear and technology. With years of experience in running retail and running, he is up-to-date on the newest trends and technology of the running industry. He brings insight on the complexities of running technology from a broad perspective.

Injury Prevention/Treatments: Mark Temme, PT
Dr. Temme is an expert in running injury prevention and treatment. His research-based approach to physical therapy and personal running experience makes him one of the best running PTs in the country. He understands the complexities of running injury risk factors and provides functional clinical treatment at OrthoMemphis.

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University of Memphis Ball Hall Auditorium
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02 February , Tuesday 19:30