RUNNING MAN PARTY 2017- a.k.a roids party

the year is 2017, the year of the running man, the greatest year there ever was and will be, in this year Arnold Schwarzenegger will be doing the running man, as you know he was wrongfully accused of a crime he did not commit, we will be celebrating his wrongful prosecution, and the great fashion statements

of the 80's, i expect everyone to be roided up by then, you only have 4 years to get those pecs toned and those pipies turned into muscles.Arnold Schwarzenegger is my boy and i expect nothing but 100% attendance to respect my mate.also this will be on my 26th birthday, just a Coincidence, so feel free to buy me presents.

chur, i look forward to seeing a cat walk of Arnie Doppelgänger's



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still to come
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11 January , Wednesday 04:20