Running 1000 km for breast cancer

After recently being able to run again it felt amazing and knowing I can still do everything in life I want. I them realised some people don't have this feeling, some people do not even survive. Imagine if you could not do the things you love.

So I have decided to raise some money which effects just

about everyone in the world.

I will run 1000 ks, this is not included in footy or basketball it is all through just,y spare time and returning tommy optimum fitness so why not raise some funds as well.

I will be setting up a link so you can donate directly and please donate generously. After. Last year raising $1000 for the ms fund. As proud as I was I knew it was not good enough. I know what I'm doing isn't much but surely it's a good excuse for anyone and everyone to donate.

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04 May , Thursday 05:00