Rise Up! Shoulder to Shoulder for the Equal Rights Amendment Cyber-Event

THIS IN AN ONGOING EVENT! In honor of Dr. Alice Paul, ERA Action has launched "RISE UP! SHOULDER-TO-SHOULDER FOR THE EQUAL RIGHTS AMENDMENT". This virtual Social Media event will be an ***ONGOING EVENT UNTIL WOMEN HAVE ACHIEVED CONSTITUTIONAL EQUALITY***. On July 21, 1923, Dr. Paul unveiled the amendment

at the 75th Anniversary of the first Women's Rights Convention in Seneca Falls, New York.

It was quite fitting that Alice chose this day to introduce her amendment as she realized the event was not only a day to celebrate the victory of the long, hard fought battle to gain the vote for women, but the beginning of the next phase for the movement - to obtain full Constitutional equality.

As Alice famously said: "We shall not be safe until the principle of equal rights is written into the framework of our government.”

After nearly a century, we have the privilege and obligation to move forward, building on the foundation Dr. Paul began on that summer day 94 years ago in Seneca Falls. We have made advances for women in the past 50 years in our nation thanks to the tireless and dedicated work of the women's liberation movement before us and now it is our time to complete the unfinished business of the women's and civil rights movement by ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment into our Constitution.

Our ongoing event will encompass a bipartisan outreach campaign to those legislators who have yet to co-sponsor the resolutions to remove the ERA deadline for ratification in the states, Senate SJRes 5 and House HJRes 53. We are also planning Thunderclap Actions, a social media platform that helps us to be heard and generates attention to our cause. Twitter campaigns will be utilized as well for outreach.

Many of you have joined other ERA calls to action and thanks to all of us working together, they have all been successful. It is our hope that this event generates even more enthusiasm and dedication to advance our grassroots movement forward to reach our goal - Constitutional Equality for All.

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31 December , Sunday 11:00