Rats have as much right to live as the rest of us

Humans carry far more disease than do any other species.

All animals combined suffer only 1.5% of the diseases that affect Humans.

Rats and Mice are not in close enough contact with humans to infect them.

Anyone including

Animals suffering from disease has the right to treatment and healthy food to prevent disease.

Rats and Mice are important scavengers who clean the environment.

Rats and all animals live for their own reasons, not to be exploited for the profit of greedy capitalists selling unhealthy unnatural pharmaceuticals .

Possums and Rabbits have the right to live free from being trapped for days in agony and terror, being clubbed to death or skinned alive, or being poisoned with 1080, another slow and agonising death.

It's their world too.

Possums are endangered in Australia and should be repatriated there.

Rabbit, rats, stoats, etc could be live trapped and transferred to where they can do no harm.

It is very cruel to kill rats; they have as much right to live as the rest of us; they are important scavengers who clean the environment; they do no harm if you put mint repellents such as mint in areas where wires are or where you don't want them but please appreciate that it is their world too;

Live and Let Live

No "pests" cause as much damage and harm as Humans; it is hypocritical and species fascistic to target particular species.

All life is precious and has the right to live free in a safe healthy environment free from harm and abuse, poisoning, torture and murder.


Extract from

"All living beings have inherit right to happiness, respect and equality.
When the constitution was written, it was not to grant rights.
That's impossible. You cannot grant a right, you can only violate them or respect them.

MARR's goal is to halt the violations of the Mouse and Rat.
Mice and Rats are one of the most used, abused, violated animals on the planet, and their plight is the most ignored.

They are in our backyards, being poisoned, they are in our laboratories being burned, they're in our stores, treated as objects, they are in our whispers being maligned.

If they don't seem to be a integral part of our lives, that's simply because we have become so adept at ignoring them.

Consider the Mouse and Rat. Speak for them. Refuse to accept their fate as a mere object.

We are and organization that rejects cruelty and exploitation to all animals, but focus on mice and rats."


Vivisection is unethical, barbaric, fallacious and fraudulent.

Physiological differences mean that data from experiments on animals
is not applicable to humans as evidenced by the thousands of drugs
that have proved dangerous even lethally so in humans after testing as
safe in animals, egs, Thalidomide, Clioquinol,
Diethylstilbestrol,Cyler, Opren, Vioxx, and TGN.

Furthermore, artificially-inflicted disease in animals is very
different from spontaneously-occurring disease in humans caused by
pollution, pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines, pesticides and poor
unnatural unhealthy meat, egg and dairy based diets which cause heart
disease, stroke, diabetes, arthritis and cancer. ( The Physicians' Committee for Responsible medicine) (Doctors and Lawyers for Responsible medicine)


Boycott Pharmaceutical Drugs, Vaccines, Petrochemicals, Pesticides
fertilisers, Cosmetics and Animal products all of which can be tested
on animals and produced using vivisection.

Herbal Medicine has a history of thousands of years of safe
efficacious use until the Villification, Persecution and Murder of
Witches who practised Herbal Medicine and Midwifery Instigated by the
Allopaths to take away from People the means to heal themselves and
make them reliant on Allopathic Medicine which at best only masks the
symptoms of disease and fails to treat the underlying causes and the
Whole Person.

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