Remembering Richard and Geraldine Culbertson

Hi All, I made this group to reach out to everyone who would like to Remember my Grandparents. The date, start time, and location is for their memorial service. Please see the attached obituary for more information about the day's events.

The MAIN PURPOSE of this group is to give people a chance to

share their memories of my grandparents. We will be sharing memories during the service and would like to allow as many people as possible to share a memory. It is always great to hear people's memories of our loved ones and the family would greatly appreciate anything you have to share.

If you would like to share a memory there are 4 options:
1. Private message me (Holly Meagher) or Robin Culbertson Banwarth with your memory
2. Share the memory as a comment in this event
3. Share the memory at the Memorial service verbally when the Chaplin opens it up to the crowd.
4. Write down the memory at the Memorial Service. There will be a stand with paper and a pen. You will have the option to put your message in a spot for "Allowed to share during the service" or "Just share with the family afterwards."

You may choose to share this memory anonymously if you would like to. If you share it with us on FB please let us know if you are OK with it being shared during the service and whether or not you would like it to be shared anonymously.
Also, depending on how many people send in memories, we may have to limit how many are shared during the service, so please don't be offended if you were OK with your memory being shared at the service but it wasn't. The Over-all purpose is to give the immediate family members something the hear from other friends and family.

Thank you for anything and everything you share!

Please add any friends or family members you would like to this event so that it reaches as many people as possible. Thank you!

See Obituary here:

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Bethel Baptist Church, 2100 Delaware Ave., Sunfish Lake, MN 55118
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06 April , Friday 11:00