Reimagining America

In the coming year, we arrive at a significant moment in the spiritual history of America in the light of anthroposophy. This time offers an opportunity for rebirth, and we hope you will join us as we work toward the renewal of American society in the light of social threefolding.

The summer of 2016

marks the approach of the 30th anniversary of the Chicago conference with Manfred Schmidt-Brabandt which initiated the Social Sciences Section work in North America. On July 12, we have the 199th birthday of Henry David Thoreau, deeply connected to the spiritual biography of our country.

Further consider that we are approaching the time that 99 years will have passed since Rudolf Steiner’s initial presentations on the threefold nature of our society. From seed to thought or deed takes 33 years; intensity takes another 33 years; and completeness takes a further 33 years. Then it is time for the seed to be resurrected and transfigured. One hundred years bring a certain completion, and it is time to create a new impulse.

Now that 99 years will have elapsed, new opportunities may be arising to bring these thoughts into action on a broader and more public scale. What needs to remain to maintain integrity and what needs to grow and develop? Issues such as immigration, education, agriculture, income equality, and health care are all in the public discourse. What can a threefold, spiritual perspective offer the issues of our time? Can we meet these challenges by turning them to the good, bringing forth a re-imagination of America?

Where in our society do we see the practical initiatives which tend toward a strengthening of a threefold impulse which is slumbering in our hearts and in the American Soul? The old established order is based on the dominance of economic interests which have captured politics and culture through an ideology of materialism and power. Yet there is a new order emerging—one that is based on a spiritual understanding of the human being and of society.

We invite participants who are ready to co-create in the spirit of renewal. A prior understanding of the concepts of social threefolding will be necessary. We will be working together in small groups and sessions not to debate our various understandings, but to formulate responses to the burning questions of our time in the United States. We will be joined by Gerald Häfner, co-leader of the Section for Social Sciences at the Goetheanum and former member of the European Parliament.

Co-sponsored by the Social Sciences Section in North America
and the Council of Anthroposophic Organizations

For more information please contact Claus Sproll ( or Chris Schaefer (

Cost: $100 – $200. Average contribution needed per person is $150,
includes dinner on July 8, and lunch and dinner on July 9.

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Kimberton, PA
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08 July , Friday 19:00