REIKI Level II Certification with Holy Fire

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REIKI LEVEL II Certification with Holy Fire:
- Sunday, November 13th, 10 am to 4:00 pm

Receive the REIKI Level II with Holy Fire Attunement, Training and Certification.

Begin working as a REIKI practitioner professionally!


REIKI Level I >>

There will be both demonstration and practice time, so that you feel confident and ready to start your own REIKI practice.

In REIKI Level II you will:

- Learn 3 REIKI symbols and their mantras
- Learn how to heal at an emotional and mental level
- Learn how to send distance REIKI across space and time
- Perform a REIKI session step by step using symbols
- Learn about working professionally
- Nearly double your ability to channel REIKI energy
- Receive your 40 page REIKI Manual for FREE ($20 value)
- Receive the REIKI Level II Attunement and Certification
- Increase your psychic ability and awareness of other realities
- Develop a closer relationship with your REIKI Guides
- Retake this class for half the donation

After the class, you can email me with any questions that may come up. I also host a REIKI practice group for you to continue your growth and develop your healing ability.

REIKI Level II Tuition

Sliding Scale $190 – 290

Early Bird Sliding Scale $175 – 275 (donate seven or more days in advance)

Level I & II Package Early Bird Sliding Scale $295 – $395

Level I & II Package Sliding Scale $320 – $420

My wish is to make REIKI available to everyone. If you are unable to attend due to schedule or financial challenges contact me before the class start date to discuss options and find a way to make it happen.

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