Reiki Course - The Golden Star Energy with Ann in Managua

Ann Ahlgren from Sweden are coming back to Managua to teach reiki at Alma Yoga 13-15 april. Please come and learn more about this pure Reiki treatment! The Golden Star Energy frequency is a very pure and strong frequency. This pure Reiki frequency has no reiki symbols, as the old reiki schools use. We

work directly with the angels and Christ. During this course you will learn to work with a strong spiritual protection for you and your clients. You can be Reiki trained before or even a Reiki Master in any Reiki freaquency and still participate in this course. You will learn many more new Reiki techniques and most importantly a whole new Reiki frequency that the Earth is ready for! Because this Reiki frequency is pure unconditional love,pure christ light.

We live in an exciting time when both we and Mother Earth make an ascension. It is important that we begin to open our hearts and see, hear, feel know everything through the voice of our true heart. The heart always speaks the truth.

Reiki is a form of treatment where you can do a whole body treatment on yourself. You can heal yourself! Reiki is the universe's harmony and balance. It is a high-frequency light that holds the balance between yin & yang. Everyone is born with a Reiki light within themselves and a personal reiki frequency. Therefore, we all have a natural ability to heal.You can raise your personal Reiki frequency in this life by your self by performing good actions against other people, animals and nature unconditionally. When you attend a Reiki course, the teacher connects you to its energy frequency, therefore it is very important to choose the right Reiki teacher. You can say these words quietly in your mind and then listen to what feeling you get in your heart:

Dear Archangel Michael put my ego aside, connect my heart to the divine truth. Is ( the namne of the teacher) the right Reiki teacher for me? Is this the right time for me to join the Reiki course? Listen to the answer you get.

Reiki helps you to heal from the inside and out. Helps you to let go of trauma from this life and all the parallel life your soul has lived in. You are always attending a course primarily to heal yourself. When you are in balance you can then heal other people, animals and nature.

There are scientific evidence of the effects of reikin for example:
- Overactive children become calmer.
- learning capacity increases.
- High blood pressure lowers and low blood pressure increases.
- Pain reduces.
- Good against depression and anxiety.
- Reiki has a very good effect on the entire immune system.
- Reiki is a very stress-reducing and relaxing treatment.
- Reiki also empower your self-esteem when you attend a course or take treatments.
- Many people experience a better and deeper sleep after a Reiki treatment.

Reiki course day 1 - 3 with The Golden Star Energy

When you sign up for the Reiki course you will get a pre course booklet that you can read about what reiki is, what chakras are and about the most common angels. I also recommend you to do 12 chakra activation at least 2 weeks each day before the course starts. These meditations help you to raise your personal energy frequency. You can of course do these even if you do not participate in the course itself. You may want to share these meditations among your friends.You find them on my webb page

The Reiki course contains This:

- Angel meditations everyday that raises your energy frequency to the 5 dimensions level
- To tune in and out during a reiki treatment.
- Hand position to treat yourself with reiki.
- How to bless your heart with love.
- How to see with the heart.
- To clean the ears chakra from low energies.
- Clean the body from negative energies and harmful toxins.
- Aura color healing.
- Learn to understand the angels personal answer to you.
- To ground yourself.
-Activate your energyfingers.
- Advance healing, take away low energies/blockings
-Byosen - Scanning a client.
- Cleans your aura with the nativ american people.
- Whay do we get blockings in our body?
- Aura massage.
- How to treat smal areas.
- More advance reiki positions.
- How to inrease the flow of energy.
- Minor chakras that are linked to the 7 main chakras.
- Chakra balance a client with color in the 7 main chakras.
- An inner aura massage.
- An aura purification.
- Pranic healing.
- Work with angels, to see and feel an aura.
- A course main booklet with pictures and description of different Reiki exercises.You will receive both a booklet in Spanish and one in English after the course.
- Reiki Certificate in Golden Star Energy

13-15 april 2018
Price: for 3 days reiki course you pay 350 $. The price includes lunch and two coffee breaks each day.
Time: 9.00 am - 6.00 pm (including 1 hour break for lunch and coffee)
Sign up by sedning a email to or or talk to Felicia or David at Alma Yoga.

You pay 100 $ when you sign up and 250 $ the day you come to the first reiki day.

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1ra Entrada a Las Colinas, Junto a Restaurante Ola Verde
13 April , Friday 09:00

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