Reconsider columbus day to Indigenous of the Americas Day

Celebrate by honoring in our own way our Indigenous heritage as Native American Indians. On the second Monday in October "every year" in our land we unify to celebrate our blood heritage. From Canada, to the east and west coast of the United States, to the Caribbean Islands, to The Amazon, and throughout

the whole Western Hemisphere celebrate who we are. Let's stomp out the sadistic celebration of a murderer, rapist, and thief.

Notice: There will be a 7 minute "Moment of Silence" due to the continued illegal occupation of our lands now on year 524. This "Moment of Silence" is also for all of our murdered, enslaved, raped, and oppressed Native Ancestors and those of us suffering even now because of actions of the invader.

For anyone wanting to participate in this "Moment of Silence" it begins at 9:00 am (based on your time zone) after the "Moment of Silence" ends please do what ever activities you choose to ignore this heinous European holiday. Thank you

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Turtle Island
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10 October , Monday 09:00