Ralphonbury 2018

Pack your tent, bring your friends and come and party at Ralphonbury 2018! Expect Bands, DJ's, Silly games, Circus acts and lots more!

So as those of you that were there from beginning already know and for those that weren’t, here goes........it started with an alcohol fuelled idea in the pub and started

to become a reality when Mr and Mrs Ralph miraculously said ‘why not’. Then was made possible by the kind donations of time and hard cash from lots of skilled and generous people!

2013 was suppose to be a one-off, but it was so much fun and such an awesome atmosphere; we decided we had one more year in us......queue 2014, more people more music and more crazy. Not to mention the most scones, jam and cream ever assembled by one women.... thanks mum!

By then things had got out of control, we had created a monster, a beautiful multicoloured, loud and amazing monster. So Vicky and Ryan really changed things up and decided to get married, 2015 saw all efforts go into the wedding of the century- mission complete. 2016 led us to some careful thinking and wondering what to say as people constantly ask when is the next Ralphonbury????

Here is where you come in:

We need your help, your expertise and your patronage!

2013 and 2014 saw the kind donation of some serious technical equipment and even more serious expertise.

These festivals were also made possible by a heavy commitment (no business plan required) from the bank of mum, dad and other very generous family members. You know who you are and we are forever grateful for this!

So please go crazy volunteering your time, expertise and hopefully a little money to become an official VIC (Very Important Chicken!).

For the sum of £25, you will receive:

*An exclusive festival t-shirt,

*Access to the chicken run VIC area

*And many other exclusive opportunities and benefits!

If you would like to become a VIC, please click the link for tickets (Ralphonbury is a free party and the tickets are for the VIC section).

Perhaps you don't want to be a VIC? Then please come and buy drinks from our bars and food stalls to help us keep the festival going!

But of course, most importantly, the warm fuzzy feeling that you commitment is going towards making Ralphonbury 2018!

We hope you will feel able to show your support, the same awesome blind commitment we had from our own parents and family members back in 2013!

Hopefully we all make it look effortless but it really does take a lot to make a Ralphonbury happen, and so we will be sharing more information on what people power we need to keep this show on the road.

But for the time being, thanks for dreaming with us, Ralphonbury started with the sole purpose of bringing all those we love together in one place to enjoy each other’s company and have a great time. None of us ever dreamed it would sustain this type of following, so for now we just want to try and keep going as long as you all want to keep coming!

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12 May , Saturday 13:00

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