Rabbit Vaccination Day - Vetlife Pleasant Point

Environment Canterbury and the NZ Rabbit co-ordination group are set to release a new strain of the Rabbit Calicivirus (RHDV1 K5.) Rabbit Calicivirus Disease (RCD) disease can be fatal, and although we can offer supportive treatment there is currently no cure. The best method of treatment is prevention

by vaccination.

RCD damages internal organs such as the liver and intestines and may cause bleeding, and is likened to Ebola in humans. RCD is highly contagious and can remain in the environment for an extended period, and can be spread by insects or objects that have been in contact with it.

The best treatment is prevention, and we highly advise getting your rabbit vaccinated. We are offering 25% off the RCD vaccine for all those who book in to the rabbit vaccination day.

Please contact the clinic to book in your rabbit
Phone: Vetlife Pleasant Point - 03 614 7777
Email: pleasantpoint@vetlife.co.nz

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17 Clinics South Island Wide
12 April , Thursday 10:00

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