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Dr. Ring Ding Call di Doctor!

Dr. Ring Ding is a remarkably prolific and versatile singer/instrumentalist who has been on the

world circuit since 1987. He is undoubtedly regarded as one of the driving forces behind Reggae in Germany. An "entertainer" in the truest sense of the word, he is stylistically at home within the entire spectrum of Jamaican music. He sings in English, Patois, German and French. Tireless touring throughout Europe, North and South America, as well as Africa and Asia has secured his role as an integral player in the international Reggae, Dancehall and Ska scenes. Numerous albums and a plethora of singles, as well as guest appearances with other bands of the most diverse genres, have solidified his reputation as a multi-faceted performer, musician, arranger and producer.

His shows, accompanied either by a backing band or traditionally alongside sound systems, are a fountain of good vibes. Dr. Ring Ding never fails to entertain the crowds, varied as they may be. Once his feet hit the stage, he’s unstoppable…

On his albums, Dr. Ring Ding delivers an overwhelming diversity of Reggae and Dancehall styles in various languages. The good doctor can swing with funky-reggae-club sounds, show off a rough edge, take the listener to the lighter side of life with groovy Reggae tunes and his undisputed Dancehall smash hits, speak his mind on world politics, state a witty yet conscious credo, all the while bringing back the heyday of Jamaican Rub-A-Dub style.

The international hit single Doctor’s Darling landed in the top 20 on the German Black Music Charts. Ruff like a Rock was heard for many months in a VIVA commercial. Ring of Fire, collaboration with the crossover band H-Blockx, climbed to number 13 on the German music charts and was number 9 in Austria. Get the Ring (also with the H-Blockx) was chosen as the ring entrance music by world champion boxer Sven Ottke.

Recent recordings include the digital Dancehall album Dig It All with the Polish producer Deadsquad, the double-album Gwaan with handmade Reggae and the second album of Dr. Ring Ding Ska-Vaganza, Bingo Bongo, as well as the multilingual Ska- and Reggae Christmas album Once A Year.

Be it true blue old school grooves, current computerized beats or even pop songs, the German veteran of Jamaican music flaunts his talent both in studio recordings and live on stage.
Either as MC or deejay, singer or trombonist, Dr. Ring Ding lives and breathes music, particularly the music of Jamaica! As one of the first German performers to bridge the Ska and Reggae scenes, he has opened many ears and hearts to the "Good Vibes" of his favorite sounds.
Discographie (excerpt):
Once A Year (Christmas Album, 2015)
Bingo Bongo (Album of Dr. Ring Ding Ska-Vaganza, 2015)
White Rum and Pum Pum (Single, 2015)
Dig It All (Album with Polish producer Dreadsquad, 2014)
Gwaan & March Forth (Double album with Sharp Axe Band, 2014)
Ska ‘n Seoul (Mini album with Korean Band Kingston Rudieska, 2014)
Kalipso Times (4-Track EP, 2013)
Piping Hot (Album of Dr. Ring Ding Ska-Vaganza, 2012)
Dancing With The Fat Man’s Lady (Single 2012, also Video 2013)
Sammy Don’t Go Out No More (Single, 2012)
Old’s Cool (Single, 2012)
Don’t Waste My Time (Single, 2012)
Bomboklaatówka (Single, 2012)
Polish Vodka (Single, 2011)
Ashes (Album with Dubby Yond, 2011)
Rub-A-Dub Styler (Single, 2010)
My Love Is Right (Single, 2009)
My Roots & My Culture (Single, 2009)
Knock Dem Out (Rocky Marciano) (Single, 2008)
Tomorrow (Single, 2008)
Nice Again (Album, 2007)
Ruff Like A Rock (Single with Mashed Beans, 2007)
Back and Forth (Album, 2007)
Today’s Special (Album with Kingston Kitchen, 2007)
Dancehall Nice Again (Single, 2006)
Dub Guerilla (Album with Dub Guerilla, 2005)
The Needle (Single, 2004)
Doctor’s Darling (Single, 2003)
Golden Gate (Album with Dr. Ring-Ding & the Senior Allstars, 2002)
Big Up (Album with Dr. Ring-Ding & the Senior Allstars, 2001)
Ring Of Fire (Single with ‘H-Blockx’, 2000)
Diggin Up Dirt (Album with Dr. Ring-Ding & the Senior Allstars, 1999)
Bang Boom Bang (two contributions on Soundtrack Album, 1999)
Ram Di Dance (Album with Dr. Ring-Ding & the Senior Allstars, 1997)
Big T’ings (Album with HP Setter 1996)
Dandimite (Album with Dr. Ring-Ding & the Senior Allstars, 1995)
Big Man Ska (4-Track EP with Dr. Ring-Ding & the Senior Allstars, 1994)
The Exorcist
Big, Bald, Gentle and Nice
Come Test (with Dreadsquad)
Your Sweet Kiss
Johnny Come Home
The Bird
Come Test
Dancing With The Fat Man’s Lady
Old’s Cool
Polish Vodka
Ruff Like A Rock
Evil Eve (with The Busters)
Supersonic Eskalator (with The Busters)
Ca plane pour moi (with The Busters)
Shake That Bone (with Black Cat Zoot)
Ring Of Fire (with H-Blockx)
Get In The Ring (with H-Blockx)
Guerillero (with Bruder und Kronstädta)

Florian Kron aka Spruddy is a German artist that might not be known internationally as yet. With the release of his debut album One, this is going to change, though. The wait was long: after 20 years of doing music, countless stage shows and occasional single releases, it took the continuous encouragement of friends and fellow musicians to make Spruddy decide to get started on an album. Living in Hamburg, it was natural to connect with the likes of Jr. Blender, Silly Walks, Stefan Flad (Red Kitchen, Mastering) and Johannes Hirt aka Jo von H. The latter, a former member of their mutual band Court Jester's Crew, not only offered his professional studio, equipment and production skills, but also contributed overdubs, flute and saxophone. All riddims were provided by Jr. Blender, a name that in itself is a guarantor of high quality music. In combination with Spruddy's intense voice and intelligent lyrics, it's destined to go through the roof!
A first taste of the goodness awaiting us was given with the single release Thunderstorm last December (which is available as a limited 7'' by now as well). Featuring the wonderful Saralène, their combined vocals in this very emotional love song climb heights that make Robbie and Nicole's Somethin' Stupid look obsolete – and that's just setting the standard for the remaining seven tracks. In a variety of styles that bring to the fore the singer's adaptability, Spruddy easily switches between pensive severity as in So Sorry, touching love stories (Another Night), conscious upliftment in Who Can Stop and jubilant exaltation (Family Affair, almost a Hamburg dubplate).
The positive outlook prevails: Forward Ever, on a fabulous re-lick of the Studio-1-Classic Stars Riddim, is encouragement cast in music. And in Give Thanks, another soulful feature that is inviting Hamburg's Ras Seven to the mic, the artist expresses his gratitude of having found Rasta philosophy. Finally, Never Regret is a song so achingly beautiful it left me in tears – of joy! The similarity to Beres Hammond's Rockaway is no coincidence; Spruddy cites him as one of his biggest influences. From St. Pauli with love!
With One, Spruddy puts Reggae made in Germany on the international agenda once more and proves that quality music needs neither eccentric affectation nor aggressive promotion to seep through. Next to all of the above, this album is a delicious appetizer for more to come – let's hope that Two and Three will soon follow!


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21 July , Friday 09:00

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