Quincy Area Pokemon League - NUGGET-PALOOZA 2016

"It has begun."
2016 is here... and the return of Nugget-Palooza ushers in a new era of... whatever. It's time for MORE POKEMON BATTLES!
ENTRY FEE: 10 NUGGETS (or $5.00)

A time-honored tradition of some of the friends and Pokemon players in the area has been the

purchasing and eating - or throwing - of chicken nuggets of varying types. So we're combining two events into one.

The entry fee to this tournament is 10 Chicken Nuggets from ANYWHERE (or just $5.00 to cover the cost of MORE NUGGETS). We'll be playing Ubers Rules as well, which means Legendaries are totally allowed. Only Pokemon banned: HacksMon and Mega Rayquaza. Neither are fun.

Other clauses, including Endless Battle Clause, Items Clause, etc, will be applied. Teams will still be examined.

Happy Training!

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23 January , Saturday 18:00