Process And Petrochemical Diploma

Diploma Contains Five Courses:

1. Natural Gas Processing Technology.

- To review gas laws and calculations of natural gas properties and their industrial applications.
- To study different packages of gas processing including inlet separation, condensate stabilization, sweeting processes, dehydration

processes (Glycol, M.Sieve, etc.), refrigeration, LPG fractionation and gas sweeting processes

2. Crude Oil Processing Technology.

- To study theory of different operations in oil refinery.
- To study different packages of oil refining technologies including desalting, fractionation, distillation, hydro treating, catalytic reforming gasoline specifications and blending hydro cracking..

3. Process Control Fundamentals & DCS.

- To dominate the control strategies in different applications of oil & gas, petrochemicals industries which include traditional strategies as feedback, feed forward..etc. and advanced strategies as Fuzzy, Neural network and adaptive control.
- To master sequential control process which applied in manufacturing industries.

4. Pumps & Compressors "Process Point of View".

- To understand the operating and applications of different types of (gas compressor, pumps and gas turbine).
- To select and size gas compressor for different application.
- To study control logic and protection system using different types of controller.

5. Distillation towers internals & Static Refining Equipment.
-- Course Outlines :
- Towers
– Heat Exchangers
- Separators
– Valves
- Furnace

Every Course Fees: 450 L.E.
Course Duration: 5 Days, 25 Hour

Diploma Fees: 2000 L.E.
Diploma Duration: 25 Day. 125 Studying Hours

For more information and reservation please contact :

Mr. Belal elghamry : 01285868260

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26 November , Sunday 05:00

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