PORK Expo 2017

Pig Production and Marketing Uganda Limited (PPM) is organizing the first ever national pork festival on 23rd and 24th June 2017. This pork festival is intended to bring together all key parties engaged in the piggery value chain as a means of fostering partnerships and collaborations between them. It

will also serve as a platform to create awareness about African Swine Fever (ASF) the main threat to pig production in Uganda and display different value addition techniques that increase the value of pork, agro-inputs and low cost feed substitutes which can be adopted by piggery farmers or other players in the chain. There will also be different pork dishes prepared by various chefs presenting pork in various tastes bringing together people from different walks of life simply to relish.

PPM is a limited liability livestock Company registered in 2012 in Uganda specializing in trade of pigs & their products. The company deals in pork, breeding stock, consultancy services and simple farm equipment.
The main source of slaughter stock for PPM is pig farmers all over Uganda. The company is targeting to improve marketing and production conditions for both pork and live pigs in Uganda and East Africa at large by presenting competitive yet sustainable markets and product information. This will increase both accessibility to wholesome yet affordable pork in Uganda and profitability of pig farming hence creating opportunities that will attract more farmers into the pig value chain hence reducing unemployment rates especially for youth and increasing the GDP of Uganda.

Why partner with us?

The per capita consumption of pork in Sub-Saharan Africa is 3.4 kg/person/year, the highest in East Africa (FAOSTAT 2011). Pork is a popular delicacy in and around Kampala city and it attracts hundreds of people to entertainment venues and bars that serve it grilled or deep-fried.This level of consumption is reported to have increased 10 times more than it used to be 30 years ago. However, the market for pig products along the pig value chain is disorganized, has many value chain actors, and many service providers, whose activities are not well co-ordinated.
In addition, most smallholder pig farmers and other pig value chain actors have limited access to; inputs, technical advice, insurance, credit, other financial services and reliable output markets. This is attributed to various constraints in the pig value chain that range from lack of: local processes that create capacity through enabling and facilitating learning; necessary local architecture that includes catalysts of change; appropriate fora; to consider and address specific problems; mechanisms to ensure farmers’ and other value chain actors’ group action; strategies that help to overcome unforeseen obstacles, and; organization strategies to achieve economies of scale.
Other constraints to improved performance include; poor access to market information, low farm-gate prices, high transaction costs, poor quality and adulterated feeds, lack of functional partnerships with other committed partners, poor access to extension services, lack of access to financial services, limited (agri)-business development services, limited scale of market oriented pig farming, lack of trust among value chain actors, lack of innovation and policy advocacy platforms.
The national pork festival is therefore meant to serve as a platform to nurture linkages between producers, input suppliers, researchers, service providers and agro processors to mitigate the factors associated with the low performance of the piggery sector in Uganda.
This festival is targeting more than 10,000 people from all over Uganda who are mostly involved in piggery or intend to join the business in any section along the piggery value chain. Among them will also be revelers who will come to enjoy the pork that will be prepared in different ways for people to savor.
The ASF drive is meant to teach farmers both in practice and those intending to rear pigs on how best to avoid such diseases on their farms that can result into 100% losses. This is following the recent outbreak in Rubaga Division, in Kampala and Masaka district in January that resulted in dozens of pig farmers counting losses following an epidemic of ASF that claimed thousands of animals in the area. In a contemporary study on ASF it has been reported that from 2001 to 2012, a total of 388 ASF outbreaks were reported in 59 districts. (Atuhaire et al., 2013)
PPM has conducted ten trainings since 2014 in various parts of Uganda that have had outstanding impact on the piggery sector in Uganda such as the pig farm clinic held in may 2015 in liaison with Monitor Publications Limited that trained over 1000 farmers on the different aspects in piggery and almost all of them are currently in production either as pig farmers, input suppliers or as processors.
The event will lead to; stronger linkages between farmers, input dealers and agro-processors that create platforms for sharing knowledge and experiences, enhanced access to information on piggery such as market information and knowledge about the various agro inputs currently on the market, general public awareness about African swine fever and in the long run, more farmers engaging in pig production in Uganda.
As a sponsor of this event you are entitled to the following;
• Unlimited co-branding on all the available media throughout the publicity campaign.
• Recognition from PPM.
• Own a stage at the festival grounds in a prime location to market your company.
• 5 minutes speaking opportunity at the main grounds stage.
• 2 festival floats with your brand.

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along kireka bweyogere border, 256
24 June , Saturday 08:00

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