Play your ‘A’ Game in 2016: Set the Right Goals to Transform Your Life From Ordinary to Extraordinary (Saskatoon)

Online Registration now available - click the link to get your ticket! Deadline to register is January 28, 2016.

Are you playing your ‘A’ game? Do you want to set goals to develop your personal competitive edge?

Goal setting is a very powerful way to achieve your vision for the future. Goals help

to focus your attention and energy on what is important to you. The right goals will change how you feel, think and act on a daily basis.

In this interactive half-day workshop, you will:
-Identify your current level of satisfaction with your life
-Identify your top priorities
-Define what your ‘A’ game is
-Learn how to develop effective goals
-Set actions

At the end of the half-day workshop you will have:
-a solid understanding of how to set effective goals
-identified where you are now and where you want to go
-developed a game plan to find your competitive edge and play your ‘A’ game

Play your ‘A’ game in 2016 and transform your success from ordinary to extraordinary.

Presented by Marielle Gauthier of Redworks Coaching!

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108 - 502 Cope Way, S7T 0G3
04 February , Thursday 09:00

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