Play N Trade Soldotna - Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire Tournament

Tournament Information:

Hosted at: Play N Trade Soldotna
Schedule: Friday, January 22nd @ 3:30 PM.

*Entry Fee: $5 Per Person
*Format: 1v1, Single Battle - Double Elimination/Round Robin
*Regular Sets: Best of Three
*Grand Finals: Best of Five
*Grand Prize:

TBA Cash Money

Game Settings:

General Rules:

*All players must have exactly 6 Pokemon in their parties, no more or less than 6.
*Two Pokemon of the same species cannot be on the same team.
*All Pokemon will be automatically set to level 50.
*Items are allowed to be held by Pokemon.
*No two Pokemon can have the same item.
*No two or more Pokemon can have the same nickname.
*Your Pokemon cannot be nicknamed the name of another Pokémon species.

Banned Pokemon:

*All forms of Deoxys
*All forms of Giratina
*All forms of Shaymin
*All forms of Kyurem

General Information:

- PLEASE bring your own 3DS and copy of Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire! We will not have any for public use, and no modded 3DS'!

- Coaching other players is NOT allowed!

- Any attempt to use an Action Replay or any other hacks will be a warning and will not be tolerated. If any future attempts occur, it will result in a DQ.

- When you are called to a match you must immediately report to your assigned station. If you hold up the tournament by leaving when you’re supposed to play a match, you may be DQed with no refund.

- Prizes are subject to change based on attendance.

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35322 Kenai Spur Hwy, Ste B, 99669
22 January , Friday 15:30

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