Plant Spirit Journeys

How did the ancients learn about the healing properties of plants? Many say that the plants told them. What if this is true? Do you want to find out for yourself and build your capacity to source directly from nature through meditation?


starts with an ethnobotanical intro to the plant and plant journey methods, followed by a group meditation and time to share our insights. Please bring a journal.

Cost: $20/per class $52 for the whole series.

To reserve your spots please email To pay you can bring cash or a check to the class.

Monday, February 26:
Mugwort: From the Medical to the Metaphysical
The first in our Plant Spirit Journey Series
Named after the Goddess of the wild and imagination, Artemisia species are used as sacred medicine worldwide. From digestive bitter to dreamer’s oracle, Mugwort (Artemisia douglasiana) reveals many facets of herbalism from the medical to the metaphysical. Delve deep into your inner wild as we journey into the many uses and stories of magical Mugwort, our native Artemisia.

Monday, March 5th:
The Wisdom of the Elder
From scientifically acclaimed anti-viral activity to the famed wizard’s wand of Harry Potter, the Elder tree has much to teach us about healing, protection, and renewal. Elder trees are richly steeped in medicine, myth, and spirit. They were so revered in old Europe that King Charlemagne ordered them planted in every garden. Come join this fun, experiential class and tap into the wisdom of the Elders for healing and inspiration

Monday, March 12:
Sage Plant Medicne
The word sage means having wisdom and calm judgement. This ancient healing plant is most aptly named. Whether we burn it for purification or use it to us ease into stages of womanhood, sage has much to reveal about the healing wisdom of the ages. Join us in this class as we experientially explore the medicine, ethnobotany and myths and of this world renown, wise healing plant.

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296 E Main St, 97520
26 February , Monday 18:00

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