Pi Alpha Phi Presents: 14th Annual Halloween Club Party!


You already know what the month of October is for.

The Brothers of Mu Chapter, Pi Alpha Phi, would like to invite YOU to join us in our 14th annual Halloween Club Party! We'll be getting spooky and freaky as we celebrate everyone's favorite holiday. Every year we bring over 1,200 people from all

over the region to come together for a night filled with fun. It is time to free up that weekend (before Halloween) and plan out your night with us.

It is a party that everyone looks forward to every year! You'll regret it if you don't come out and celebrate with us. If this is your first-time, then ask around and see what people say about this event! Don't forget to dress up in Halloween attire when you come to the club!

We are looking forward to seeing everyones costumes and can't wait to turn up with you all! IT'S GOING TO BE A WICKED NIGHT!!!



○○○~~~V.I.P. TABLES~~~○○○
V.I.P. tables available for purchase by groups!

For Table Pricing contact:

- English Contact
○ Randy Lang (248) 686 6526 |
- English and Chinese Contact
○ Aaron Chen (517) 763 1959 | WeChat: 460751914
- English and Korean Contact
○ Jason Kim (248) 330 6174 | KaKao: JasonJKim

V.I.P. Specials:
●Private Table ●Bottle Service
●Party Accessory ●Express Admission
●Card / Dice Game ●Snacks

大家好,我们是MSU Pi Alpha Phi兄弟会! 在这个秋天,将会有一颗重磅炸弹等着你们!对,那就是我们第十三届HALLOWEEN CLUB PARTY!
我们诚挚的邀请您加入我们的万圣节狂欢! 想知道每年都会有将近1200个人挤爆CLUB的感觉吗,想找一个充满聚光灯的地方HAVE FUN吗,快加入我们的狂欢吧!
我们注意到每年的万圣节派对都会有非常多人的朋友来参与,所以我们很高兴的宣布,今年我们在室内和室外,都会有PARTY同时进行!我们会在室外提供有暖炉的帐篷,所以您不必当心天气,在室外也可以玩的尽兴!我们期待您的到来!: D
V.I.P. 贵宾特权:
●赠送卡片与骰子 ●水果与零食
联系人:Aaron Chen
Tel: (517) 763 1959
微信: 460751914

안녕하세요 가을과 함께 13번째 MSU Pi Alpha Phi 클럽 할로윈 파티가 돌아 왔습니다! 우리 클럽파티는 매년 1200명이상이 참가하고 등골이 서늘해지고 스릴이 넘치는 할로윈을 기념하는 인기있는 파티입니다! 멋있고 아이디어가 넘치는 여러분의 할로윈 의상을 입고 할로윈 밤을 즐기시길 바랍니다! VIP 가지고 있는 분들은 줄을 기달릴필요없이 Express Line 으로 가실수있고! Vip테이블은 술, 안주, 그리고 앉을수 있는 공간응 마련해 드립니다! VIP 테이블 원하신다면 (248)330-6174으로 전화주세요! 이파티를 놓치면 후회하실겁니다!~^^
Contact: Jason Kim
Tel: (248) 330 6174
KaKao: JasonJKim

18+ to get spooky
21+ to get freaky

Spiral Dance Club
-Halloween attire required
-$15 Cover --- Inflation in effect

●○Drink Specials○●
All Night Long Drink Specials
Taxi Contacts:
-Uber: Download the app on your phone and enter this promo code [7CMSN] to get $30 to spend on your ride there and back!

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1247 Center St, 48906
20 October , Friday 21:00

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