Phoenix Firewalking Weekend at Fell Edge Barn 18-20th May 2018

Celebrate this ancient ritual of transformation, empowerment and renewal in the splendor of Addingham Moorside.

Connecting to our Truth, Joy, Strength & Passion.

Firewalking is medicine, a prayer in action, transfomation, realisation and a powerful igniter of dreams, we rise from the ashes of all

we surrender to the fire and we open our newly emerged wings and soar. Come open your wings, come together in union with the sacred element of fire and dance the healing coals of transformation in bliss and grace.

A Weekend to come together in the spirit of celebration, renewal and union.
Honouring our sacred connection with life, as we create, move and walk the fire.

Led by -
Fiona Morgan (Sundoor certified Master Firewalk Instructor)
Linda King (Healing Arts)
Emma Leaf (Infinite Yoga) - We will weave joy, gentleness, creativity, strength, empowerment, grace and compassion into this weekend.

The ancient art of firewalking is a sacred gift that has been practiced around the world for thousands of years.
When we make a fire sacred, with our intentions infused into the bones of the fire, we create the possibility for profound personal purification and transformation.
Hot coals have been walked for healing, courage, abundance, peace, initiation and much more. The reason this sacred practice has continued to exsist can be only due to one factor; it works.

The fire belongs to the group who build and light it, it is their prayers and intentions that give the sacredness to their fire and the potential for miracles to unfold, and it is only when your heart calls you to the coals that you walk. With focuss and awareness, you become a prayer in action. Simply divine, empowering, liberating and profoundly effective.

Full Weekend - £120 including food & camping
Saturday Firewalk - £80 including food
Children under 16 Free
All activities & Vegan Food included
Please let us know if you need any special dietary requirements or have any further questions.

Bookings & Info
Linda 07443 457563
Emma 07771 553733

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Unique, Beautiful Indoor and Outdoor spaces, YO32
18 May , Friday 16:00

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