PHI & Beyond - Semiac./ Sangenjaya, Tokyo (JP), Grapefruit Moon

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PHI & Beyond
Semi-acoustic show

Progressive Rock / Classic Rock (Originals and Covers)
Baden/Gleisdorf (Austria)


PHI is a greek letter. PHI stands

for the golden ratio, the perfect aesthetic balance.
PHI is also a band that works towards this golden ratio with music, creating a powerful alliance of aspiration and Rock’n’Roll attitude.
The musicians push the boundaries of conventional rock music with ease, without drifting off into purely atonal territories. Catchy riffs and lines meet polyrhythmic complexity and interesting song structures.

Founded in 2006, the band has released several LPs and EPs over the years - as well as a live record/film by the name of Waves Over Vienna.
After a period of realignment and a lot of blood, sweat and tears, their groundbreaking new album CYCLES is finally seeing the light of day.

For a few selected shows in Austria and Japan PHI Bandleader Markus Bratusa and Reinold Bernard will play special semi-acoustic sets, featuring re-arranged PHI songs (old and new!) as well as covers of some of their favourite artists - like Pink Floyd, Neil Young and Peter Gabriel.



Markus Bratusa
Vocals, Guitars

Reinold Bernard
Guitars, Backing Vocals


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太子堂2丁目8−12 佐々木ビルB1, 154-0004
31 October , Wednesday 20:00

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