PEX Heartburn X1 "Through the Looking Glass"

PEX Heartburn X1 "Through the Looking Glass"


On a cold and blustery winter’s night, our inner child peers through the looking glass and finds a small door. Hesitant yet curious, we open the door to find a mysterious and intriguing world beyond.

A world filled with

Lions, Unicorns, Red & White Kings and Queens, Jabberwockys, Tweedledees & Innocent Fawns.

A world where the Flowers Speak and Reality Unfolds as if Voiced from the Words of our Own Poem.

For as we all know and the Looking Glass Proves, this psychedelic and philosophical journey was never merely a work of children’s literature.

Join the PEX Family on yet another adventure as once again we cross through the threshold of Time & Space and enter the mind of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, (aka Lewis Carroll) circa 1871.

Featuring Music by:

Gene Farris (Farriswheel, Chicago)
Worldtown SoundSystem Live (Phila)
DJ Everyday (PEX)
Ben Arsenal & Oluwafemi (Worldtown DJ's, Travel by Map, Phila)
goldenSpiral:collective (Cosmic Servant, Phila)
Mike Dash Vs. Vincent Gaddis (Live Tag Team Set) (PEX, BRC)
Carlos Allende (PEX, BRC)
William L. Moore (PEX, BRC)
Charles Berlitz (PEX, BRC)

Main Stage Flow Zone
Aerial Performances
Interactive Art Installations

More TBA

Early Bird $20
Tier 1 $25
Tier 2 $30

Costume Ideas
• Alice
• Kitty
• Dinah
• Snowdrop
• The Clock
• The White King
• The White Queen
• The Red King
• The Red Queen
• Lily
• The Toves
• The Borogoves
• The Raths
• The Anonymous Hero
• The Jabberwock
• Jubjub Bird
• Bandersnatch
• The Tiger-lily
• The Rose
• The Daisies
• The Violet
• The Larkspur
• The Guard
• The Gentleman in Paper Suit
• The Goat
• The Beetle
• The Horse
• The Gnat
• Rocking-Horse-Fly
• Snap-Dragonfly
• Bread-and-Butterfly
• The Fawn
• Tweedledee and Tweedledum
• The Walrus and the Carpenter
• The Oysters
• The Crow
• The Sheep
• Humpty Dumpty
• The Messenger
• The Little Fishes
• Hatta
• Haigha
• The Lion and the Unicorn
• The Red Knight
• The Red Horse
• The White Knight
• The White Horse
• The Aged Man
• The Frog
• Long Beak
• The Leg of Mutton

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29 E Allen St, 19123
24 February , Saturday 21:00

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