Personal Development Workshop (Aurangabad)

A bad chapter in life does not define your life, similarly if you find it difficult to speak your thoughts in a Presentation, Interview or a Business Call it does not mean you will not be successful in life. If you are struggling similarly and are looking for support & guidance, I welcome you to this

self development workshop;

Failing to speak, is very psycologically damaging to self and family...

1.We feel inferior.
2.Guilt of failure, makes life a hell everyday.
3.We loose on opportunities both on professional and personal fronts.
4.Repeated failures dent our image socially as a looser.
5.We experience withdrawal feelings, which totally disconnect us from external world thus killing the very purpose of life.

If it happens to you, I understand your pain as i have experienced these feelings as like you in my childhood until youth. But one blessed day, a incident changed me. The transformation was so strong, that today i mentor people who have lost hope to be successful.

Come, lets overcome these meaningless fears, anxieties and shyness. Come, lets walk on this journey called "Success to Happiness" !

This is not a typical communications skill training programme but a "Transformational Experience" by way of practical learnings. This programme is designed for a varied category of participants i.e #Students, #Professionals, #SelfEmployed and #Homemakers who aspire to be successful and happy.

I look forward to meeting you :-) !

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14 February , Sunday 09:00

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