PAX East 2018

Deep within the confies of downtown Boston a beast stirs. Cobweb covered gears slowly grind into motion as the monster known as PAX East slowly wakes from it's slumber to prepare to overtake nerdom once more. Thats right, were excited to present the 9th annual running of The Penny Arcade Exposition 2018;

affectionatly refered to as PAX EAST. Prepare to sell your soul to the gods of all things nerdy as you plan your trip to the City of Patriots for one of the most immersive Video, Table-Top, Card, and LARP gaming conventions known to man. From east to west, north and south you come to join your fellow nerds for a Convention like no other; held by the revered PAX Team at one of Boston's most elite venues. Featuring all the latest that the gaming industry has to offer the level of demo's expected for releases in both 2017 + 2018 will blow your soxs off. Also keep an eye for the Comics, Cosplay, Indie Games, Panels, and general nerdy mayhem that folllows. So grab those tickets, pack those bags, and get ready for a weekend of nerdy heaven.

***At this time the PAX East Team has announced that Ticket sales will not occur until after 'PAX AUS' during the weekend Oct 27-29, 2017. We will fill you in on updates but until then rest easy and prepare those bank accounts to be drained :) ***

**Please note that this page will release the most updated information as we recevied it from the PAX Team through their official social media sources. Please stay tuned for future updates.**

*As with previous years we underttsand that some people will inevtiably use this page to Trade or "Seek" PAX tickets. While this is officially not condone by the PAX Team we only ask that you keep it polite and respectable; and conduct the actual Trades off-site.

Please note that this is a NECG Event page; and not the Official PAX East 2017 page. While we release the most updated information about this event we do not represent, or are involved with, the operation pertaining to this great event. For further informationplease visist the Official PAX East 2018 webpage Link attached below

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415 Summer St, 02210
05 April , Thursday 09:00

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