Palestine Society Screening "Arna's Children"

Come watch Arna's Children with us!!
It's a 2004 Dutch-Israeli documentary film directed by Juliano Mer Khamis and Danniel Danniel about a children's theater group in Jenin in Palestine established by Arna Mer-Khamis, the director's mother, an Israeli Jewish political and human rights activist.


film portrays the lives of Arna Mer-Khamis and the children members of the theater including Ala el-Sabagr, Zakaria Zubeidi, Daud Zubeidi, Majdi Shadi, Haifa Esteti, Nidal Swetti, Yussef Swetti, Mahmoud Kaneri, Khairia Fakhri and Ashraf Abu-Alheji.

Four of the theater children died in various operations while resisting the Israeli army, namely Ala, Nidal, Ashraf and Yussef.


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Room PAR.1.02
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26 January , Tuesday 18:30