Painting the Figure Masterfully with Seth Haverkamp

When: February 6th, 7th & 8th.
9am to 5pm

Cost: $485


We are excited to welcome nationally recognized artist, Seth Haverkamp, to Huntsville! This workshop will focus on relearning the basics of figure painting.

During the first day, we

will begin with short poses from a nude model. We will focus on capturing gesture and proportion. We will progress to longer 30 minute poses and focus on simplifying our subject down to shapes, light and dark. The first day we will learn to recapture our energy and enjoy getting loose. We will then have freedom when it comes to doing a long poses to express ourselves as we choose.

In day two we will slow down a bit and work from two long poses. We will have time to do finished sections of the figure. We will delve into paint handling and brush control, so as to be able to paint details with energy and freshness.

Day three will focus on one pose, six hours long. At this point, we will attempt to completely finish most of the figure. We will talk about color and how to place and manipulate color with out resulting in “mud”. We will also discuss the similarity between painting from life and from photographs; how the paintings we do in class are stand-alone paintings and how they can be used in conjunction with photographs.

Topics such as thick and thin paint, color, core shadow, brush control, and paint handling are some of the topics we will discuss thoroughly.

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2211 Seminole Dr SW, 35801
05 February , Friday 09:00

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