Opening I Survived Another Day exhibition

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Opening solo exhibition ‘I Survived Another Day’ by Laura Hospes.

‘I Survived Another Day’ is the first solo exhibition by Laura Hospes. Since the early stages of her depression she started to document her feelings with photography.

The main purpose of Hospes’ work is to communicate the feelings she is unable to express verbally. For her it is a way to deal with the many struggles of depression. Despite her steady recovery photography still is a vital part for Hospes to translate and investigate her thoughts and feelings. In her recent work she more and more finds what she wants to express in her surroundings instead of herself.
To rightfully display her photographs she made an immersive exhibition in ‘p60’, Assen, Netherlands.

OPENING • 8 April, 2018 - 4:00 p.m.
WHERE • Ruimte P60 (Portugallaan 60, Assen, the Netherlands)
WHEN • Open every Friday and Sunday (and by appointment)
FINISSAGE • 29 April, 2018

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Portugallaan 60
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08 April , Sunday 16:00