On Stories: A Night of Storytelling

In collaboration with Cliffhangers and Hakaya

Thursday 20 July, 19:00 to 21:00
Museum esplanade
In English and Arabic
Free admission

Join us for an evening of storytelling. The theme revolves around the importance of stories in our lives. We've all had that one story that stuck with us, that story

we always tell people, or that story we heard that made us realize how vital stories are in the narratives of our lives. Do we really know each other if we don't know each others' stories?

The questions we ask ourselves for this storytelling event can be summed up in one: Is there a defining moment when you noticed the importance of storytelling?

This is a chance to explore the role that stories play in our lives.

There will a lineup of storytellers from Cliffhangers and Hakaya, followed by an open mic for anyone to come up and share their story.

Storytellers include Haydar Amacha, Shaden Fakih, Zeina Hachem Beck, Ramzi Hibri, and Reem Kaedbey.

This event is programmed in conjunction with the exhibition "Les Mondes de Willy Aractingi":

Cliffhangers is a community of storytellers that meets once a month to share stories with an audience. It is a safe space for all people to be heard and encouraged. It was created out of a need to share, to revive and keep alive the oral tradition Lebanon has of telling stories.

Hakaya Storytelling is a monthly storytelling event where true stories are told live, reviving the tradition of oral storytelling that crosses all cultures. Hakaya is based on the idea that everyone has a story to share and encourages members of the community to share their story and hear others.


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Greek Orthodox Archbishopric Street, Ashrafieh 2071 5509. Beirut, Lebanon. Directions: We are located forty meters to the left of the top of the St. Nicolas stairs, just a few steps away from Gemmayzeh Street
20 July , Thursday 19:00

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