OET with Dr Ash First OET session by NHS consultant in Karachi

Year 2018 is one of the best year for Pakistani doctors who wish to get trained from UK,

In January 2018 London Clinical Courses team conducted first structured PLAB 2 Course in Pakistan which never happened before in 70 years history of Pakistan, our next course will be from 17-23rd June 2018 in


In February 2018 GMC has announced a new English assessment system for foreign medical graduates which is know as OET ( Occupational English Test)

Previously overseas doctors had to pass IELTS exam with overall 7.5 band and no less than 7 band in any component, we believe scoring 7.5 band in IELTS is not an easy task especially if English is not your first language , this was the reason more than 90% of Pakistani doctors used to get stuck in their career towards UK.

We are glad GMC has announced OET for doctors and we believe OET is much more easier and practical exam for doctors who wish to work in UK.

IELTS Vs OET for Doctors

OET involves English assessment mainly related to your field , you will be ask to read medical articles and answer questions, you will be ask to talk to role playing patient , relative or colleague and topics will all be related to Medicine where as IELTS is generalised , imagine you are doing ielts exam and you get an essay on myocardial infarction or any other medical illness of course you will do better same goes with speaking and writing , therefore we believe OET is much more easier compare to IELTS for many Pakistani doctors .

OET is twice as expensive as Ielts and currently there is no exam centre in Pakistan and candidate has to travel to nearest exam centre which is in UAE, this makes this exam more expensive and total cost may go up to 1000$, therefore it's very important to have a through knowledge of this exam from people who actually know about OET because general IELTS teaching institutes will not be able to help much , In OTE following will be the main areas where candidates will be assessed

1) Reading: you will be given medical article to read and reply with appropriate answers in given time.
2) speaking : you may be asked to
A) talk to patient and explain diagnosis
B) inform about medical condition
C) to deal with angry patient
D) to resolve conflict
E) to break the bad news
D) to take history and explain management plan in simple language
E) handover to colleagues
F) Referral to other speciality
G ) Talking to a GP and care homes

Similar scenarios will be given in listening and writing task, so it's fairly easy compare to ielts but needed a right preparation , IELTS instructors cannot teach all this, some one actually working in NHS Uk can teach what is expected from doctor , as OET is very expensive exam cost of OET can be up to 4 times of PLAB 1 exam therefore through guidance and preparation is required .

Currently there is no institute in Pakistan offering OET guidance and preparation therefore Dr Ash himself has come forward to provide guidance to junior Pakistani doctors who wish to come to Uk.

Dr Ash is fully aware of whole OET format , he was also involved in NHS recruitment process for doctors who were appointed in NHS without going through IELTS, same OET principals were followed , candidates were given medical articles to read and respond to interviewer, they were asked to refer a patient to speciality and were also assessed on how to resolve a conflict etc.

We are pleased to announce that Dr Ash will conduct a thorough guidance session on OET in Karachi Pakistan on 25th June 2018. This will be the first time a senior clinician from NHS will be conducting this session in Pakistan. Topics we will discuss

1) OET format
2) OET components
3) OET preparation and resources
5) OET fee , travelling and accommodation expenses
6) Right time to attempt OET
7) what to do 3 months before your OET exam
8) Is it useful to join Ielts teaching institutes ?

Many many real time exam scenarios will be discussed , live demonstrations will be given by Dr Ash

Note : we have recruited doctors via occupational English assessment route we know what is required to pass this exam , we are doing this event as a service for Pakistani doctors .

We will do limited registrations , this session will
Not be open for all, seats will be given on first come first served basis ,

Fee : 3000 PKR /20£

Venue : Karachi accessible venue will be selected and details will be sent to registered candidate only

To book your place please pay 3000PKR in our account and inbox us snap shot of your receipt with your email and full name we will send you confirmation. Our account details are as follow
Bank - United Bank Limited
Account Name : Ashfaque Naila
Account Number : 067801034205
Branch : 0678
IBAN code: PK89UNIL0112067801034205

We will close registration as soon as we get required numbers .

Dr Ashfaque Sorathia ( Dr Ash)

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Karachi, 75600
25 June , Monday 09:00

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