Océano Astral

¡Ven a bailar con nosotros en el Océano Astral!

The name of this party is a nod to the astrological sign of Pisces and to the native language of our Mexican headliner. Countless eons ago, life began in the primordial soup of our oceans. Today the human species is a far cry from those early single

celled organisms. We are highly evolved intelligent beings. In the modern political climate it often seems we are divided more than united, yet we all still swim in the same waters... an astral ocean where we share an underlying connection. regardless of color, creed, or nationality. And on a very real and tangible level, we are living in a medium perfectly suited for the transmission of musical vibrations... an ocean of air that pulsates and moves with the speakers carrying frequencies to our ears and bodies giving us intellectual and visceral stimulation for a shared trance experience where we may explore the deep waters of human connection and our very own inner depths.

Won't you come dance with us in the Astral Ocean?

We have carefully curated a line-up that will start with chill and downtempo sounds working into a night of varied trance music then transitioning back into eclectic chill sounds as we near the end of our musical journey. We like to keep things interesting with FYB. While this one will still have a fair amount of powerful and intense psychedelic trance music, we will not be going into extreme BPM territory for this go-round.

We are very pleased to host Ricardo Morales Lopez for his Texas debut with two amazing projects:

Ctrlz3ta ~ Kaos Krew Records ~ South Africa / Jalisco, Mexico

Prepare to kick up some dust with this high energy psytrance project featuring agressive and intelligent leads, driving thick basslines, glitched out breaks, and samples that will tingle your imagination. Ctrlz3ta will whip the dance floor into a frenzy!

Twisted Swingers ~ Uxmal Records ~ Mexico

This progressive psytrance project showcases Ricardo's ability to create music that is as melodic and beautiful as it is driving and heavy.

Local / Texas support:

Electric Ganesh Order ~ FYB / Radial Engine Tribe NYC / Lysergic Record MX ~ Houston / Mexico


Freq Logic ~ San Antonio

The Inka Galactik ~ Quantum Digits / Technophobia / FYB ~ San Antonio

Yatu ~ 1Stomp! ~ Houston

Texas Down Temple ~ Ambient Camping ~ Temple

Jyanigma ~ Abysmal Entities / Blackfox Records ~ Houston

Mantoid ~ 1Stomp! ~ Austin

Mahesh ~ San Antonio

Nivlem ~ Samana Records / FYB ~ Austin


Deco by Spunshiine

Live visuals and flier design by Psydrack

There is plenty of space available for camping in the venue. The venue owners live on the property and we ask that you kindly stay out of their private area. This is a leave no trace event, pack out what you pack in and take care of the land! Please be prepared to be packed up and off the property by noon on Sunday.

NO DOGS ~ Please do not bring your doggo puppers. We will, of course, make exceptions for service animals provided you have all the necessary paperwork.

Respect people, respect the vibe, and respect the venue!

Know your limits. We reserve the right to eject those that are behaving recklessly without refund.

This event is 18 and up with proper ID.

Cost is $20 cash at the gate for entry and overnight camping.

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9703 fm 20, 78616
10 March , Saturday 12:00

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