Obesity Management Program | ROUND 2 Accredited By SCOPE

Tree Training Solution Presnts For all Dietitians- Nutritionists and Physicians .
"Obesity Management program The Updated Evidence Based Practice " #ROUND2

Obesity Management Program Overview
Obesity management remains an important if not challenging goal, both

for the general population who struggle to maintain healthy body weights, and for health professionals who have the burden to find solutions. Effective treatment of patients with obesity is an increasingly important part of modern medical practice. This course delivers practical strategies to optimize the management of obesity and its many complications, and provides the most up-to-date approaches to obesity prevention and treatment including:
• Strategies for building a successful obesity management
• Guidelines to match patients with optimal therapies (dietary,
lifestyle, medical, surgical)
• Tools for specialized evaluation of the patient with obesity

Specific Objectives
This course is designed to give healthcare providers the knowledge to:
1.Identify, evaluate and manage patients with high-risk obesity
2.Provide lifestyle-based therapies for obesity, including nutritional, physical activity, and behavioral approaches
3.Apply effective counseling and behavioral modification techniques
4.Apply current pharmacological approaches to the treatment of obesity
5.Assess patients for their need and appropriateness for bariatric surgery and determine surgical options
6.Describe an approach to determining which treatment is most appropriate for specific patient types.
Course Duration : 48 hours
8 Lectures .. 6 Hours / Lecture
2 Lectures / Week
#Intstructor :

Dr. Doaa Genena
* Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery , Faculty of Medicine ,
Alexandria University
* PhD Degree of Public Health (Nutrition) from High Institute
of Public Health- Alexandria University.
* Lecturer at Medical Research Institute Alexandria University
* Lecturer at Department of Nutrition. Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences Pharos University in Alexandria .
Program Fees : 3500 LE
Payment on two installments .
The Program accredited By SCOPE " specialist certificate of obesity professional education "

" is the only internationally-recognised certification in obesity management. It equips health professionals with up to date, evidence-based obesity management resources, to better treat their obese patients and to excel in their careers. "

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