NoSanctuary Festival #3

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NoSanctuary #3 // 29-30 July, 2016.
D.I.Y. metal/crust festival @Hartera - Rijeka - Croatia

All right everyone, we were keeping it quiet, but it doesn't mean we were not busy with preparing new edition of No

Sanctuary Festival.
First bands are recently confirmed and we feel free enough to shout out first announcement and news!

First and foremost big change, No Sanctuary is mowing 1400 kilometers southern. New amazing location and new possibilities, believe us you are gonna like this one!

Soon more info is coming up and festival website is in works, with more informations and details which is regularly gonna be uploaded and updated until the beginning of the festival.

What might be interesting for many of you is to add that NoSanctuary #3 is happening just a weekend before legendary punk festival MonteParadiso, only 100 kilometers of driving distance, and those days there are gonna be few smaller concerts and mini festivals in Ljubljana, Koper and Zagreb, and if we ad to it cristaly clear sea, rivers and lakes to swim in, islands and mountains for hiking, and tons of historical buildings and sites everywhere around (ranging from pre-roman age till medieval ages) to please your stench-metal fetish. So prepare yourself for a hell of a summer in Croatia-Slovenia.

In following days more bands will gonna be confirmed and announced.
Before February most of the lineup will be completed, leaving only few spots open for few touring bands we missed to get in contact with in a meanwhile.
For now 100% confirmed bands are;

Vintage D-beat hardcore punk. Formed in the Midlands (UK) in 1982 by Damian (then bass,now guitar) & drummer Andy Baker, WARWOUND in late 82/early 83 spat & cursed out three demos of 'fast, no bullshit, hardcore punk'. In 1983 Damian & Andy were enlisted to join The Varukers, during which time they recorded two WARWOUND numbers (No Escape & Neglected) which featured on the classic Varukers album 'Another religion, Another War',released in 1984.Damian left the Varukers later that year to form Sacrilege.
For over 30 years, the original WARWOUND demo tapes have been copied & circulated many times through underground circles of D-beat noise junkies, and now they’re back!
WARWOUND 2015. D-Beat Deliverance with a lethal new line up, LIVE & LOUD!
Damian -Guitar: Sacrilege/Varukers.
Rat Varuker-Vocals: The Varukers / Discharge/ The Vile.
Ian –Bass: ThirtySixStrategies / DecadenceWithin / StampinGround / SuicideWatch / Burnside / FluxOfPinkIndians.
Stevie - Drums: Hellkrusher / SenileDecay / TheFiend / Dogsflesh / TheVile.

Powerful and furious metallic crust that certainly will not leave you indifferent, neither their music, neither their lyrics, neither their insanely powerful live acts.
Being located at far north of Sweden leaves them not allot of possibilities for touring or playing concerts out of Sweden, so we are very happy and proud to announce that Misantropic are coming to play at our festival.

AHNA from Canada
are a force to be reckoned with, combining elements of sludge metal, grind, death metal, crust, with a heavy dose of savage brutality of old school death metal. They have never fallen into any trend or relive-the-past nonsense. One of the rare bands nowadays that dares to explore and experiment, and if we add to it enormous allot of effort they put into their each new release, leaving us nothing than enthusiastically wait in anticipation for their next killer album. And it just gets better and better each time. AHNA are truly doing their own thing, making a hell of a lot of noise, and keeping it super real.

DEAFKIDS from Brazil
After they visited Europe and nailing it on a long tour in 2014, DEAFKIDS are coming back 2 years after and it's super nice to add the on the lineup of our festival.
Row D-beat madness distorted and reverberated till the abyss. With some sludgy slow songs or parts of the songs you might get lost like on a psychedelic trip, but than they slap you back into row reality of life with fast and intense D-beat hardcore punk. Headbanging and frantic jumping around in trance is inevitable!

Warmongering metal combined with furious crust. Think of Stormcrow and Sanctum but with more furious and sharper sound!
Combining different genres of Metal and Crust to deliver refreshingly unconventional sound. Even traces of blues and old-school heavy metal riffing can be noticed.
Wilt started in 2010 in Seattle, Washington consisting members of than freshly disbanded Sworming and Assimetric Warfere. After playing many shows and touring North Americas they are coming to Europe for the first time starting their tour at NoSanctuary fest.

Death-Crust, Stench-Core! Metal!
After 10 years these monsters from Bologna are still crushing us with their downtuned distortion and FILTH, and trough those years they sharpened their skills to the pint of slitting the throats.
Think of Deviated Instinct and Hellbastard clashing with the neck-snapping grooves of old school death metal bands like Bolt Thrower, Carcass, Nihilist, Entombed, early Obituary, and add to it extra layer of dirt from bands like Grif, Nootgrush, Corrupted…

Black Metal. Bland Vargar in translation means Among Wolves which explains allot of a musical and lyrical concept of this band. Yes they play rather atmospheric nature inspired black metal, but as for a difference of many bands jumping to a hype of "Cascadian BM" bands from the last few years whose music can hardly be described as BM anymore, Bland Vargar are surely not gonna disappoint you in this way. While still hidden in obscurity of deep underground they are standing their ground firmly. Openly expressing anti NSBM attitude.
In their songs they are fusing beautiful acoustic dark folk with clean singing in vein of SangreDeMuerdago, Ulver or Vàli with filthy distorted black metal of Ulver, Dissection, Bathory, Darkthrone 90's period, Satyricon early stuff, Angantyr, Xasthur, early Katatonia, etc...

HUMAN HOST BODY from Slovenia
D-Beat possessed METAL! D.I.Y.! While Old-School-Swedish-Death-Metal influence dominates the sound it is pumped up by D-beat fury and spiced with crusty-stench-core feel. Their insane live act will make you jump around breaking your neck! Power and brutality, rage and despair, dirt and misery, is there a better way to express their well articulated Anarchist-Anti-Civ lyrics while we are heading to an inevitable severe collapse of our beloved Civilization. AaaRgh!!!

MUTABO from Serbia
Stench-Core-Mutant-Crust-Punk. Consisting of members of legendary crust bands from serbia, ex Dažd, ex Nakot, Atomski rat… this guys surely know what they are doing. Most of you are probably already introduced to a sound of Dažd, and if you liked it, you will love Mutabo for sure. Dirt and misery of sludge-doom, filth and anger of early stench-core of Deviated Instinct, Hellbastard, Amebix, mire crusty metal of Hellhammer, Bathory… add to it totally pissed off balkan anacho punk fury and you'll get the picture of this killer mutant.

From UK
One of those bands that simply makes people go mental, head banging, jumping around while fists are hitting high up in the air in the rhythm of endless powerful D-beat pumping of the tempo asking for more and more of it, slaying down tuned bleak metal crust guitar sound of skilled riffage, brutal guttural row vocals backed up with desperate screams in the background, every song starting with a beautiful melodic more acoustic intros, and melody is present in the songs in a perfect dosage.
Think of Misery, Hellshock, Disfear, Antimaster… but don't expect to hear any copying on the side of Agnosy. This guys have been sharpening their skills for years playing in various bands we all like allot like, BeginningOfTheEnd, Doom, HealthHazard, GiveUpAllHope, NoSubstance, WholeInTheHead, WhiteRabbit, Discharged, TheAntix… They know what they are doing, thay know what they want and they have something to say. On us is just to headbang while the rest of the world is rushing into WorldWar 3, and arrogantly destroying last bits of freedom and life on this planet.

From Russia
Never Mind The Stench-Core, Here's The Power-Crust
Being a metal-crust fanatics and hard workers as they are this crazy russians are supplying us with a heavy dose of dirtiest stench coming from east regularly, be it their killer releases or the tours. Hellhammer, Bathory, Venom, S.D.S, Amebix, Deviated Instinct, Hellbasterd, Discharge, Antisect, Sacrilege, Slyer… influences can be recognized in still inventive and original Fatum albums, bringing with each new one something fresh and advanced.
Even now while 2 LPs are about to be sent for pressing they are already working on new album. In 2016 they do not plan the tour as they are focusing on new album so we are very happy they are coming to play NoSanctuary + only few more concerts in Europe around those days.

Keep alert, more info will regularly come up from now on!
Up the metal punx!

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29 July , Friday 16:00

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