NLP MASTER PRACTITIONER with Dr.Wyatt Woodsmall & Master Abdul-Rahman Abdullah

Tamkeen New Era proudly presents
“NLP MASTER PRACTITIONER” With Dr.Wyatt Woodsmall & Master Abdul-Rahman Abdullah:

In 18 days you will develop your skills and improve your performance in meeting the challenges of:
-Being a change agent for your clients
-Instilling expert knowledge in your staff and

clients thus reducing training times and increasing comprehension
-Eliciting the right information to enable you to produce the desired client results
-Streamlining your processes to ensure efficiency
-Building instant rapport
-Increasing your powers of influence and persuasion
-Reading your clients non-verbal behaviors
-Understanding human diversity
-Dealing with human differences
-Motivating yourself and others
-Detecting and utilizing key beliefs
-Eliciting and utilizing your clients decision strategies
-Capturing and transferring key aspects of performance
-Designing results oriented presentations

NLP Master Practitioner includes:
-The NLP Master Practitioner model
-Cautions and limitations of NLP Master Practitioner
-Advanced ecology
-Other compatible models of Master Practitioner
-Present state to desired state model
-Parts model
-Change technology
-NLP master practitioner interventions
-What to do when
-Hypnosis and NLP master practitioner
-NLP master practitioner and multiple brain integration techniques
-NLP master practitioner and advanced time line techniques
-NLP master practitioner and emotional intelligence

**The Program is certified from Two entities
- International NLP Trainers Association (INLPTA) (
- International Association of NLP Institues (IN)

The 18 days are divided on 2 Modules, the dates are as follows:
Module 1: 29 Apr-7 May 2016
Module 2: 2-10 Dec 2016
Cost: 3950 USD
Early Bird: 3750 USD till 1st of March

Payment scheme (3950 USD)
2500 USD before 3rd of April 2016
1450 USD before 22 of Nov 2016

Early Bird Payment scheme (3750 USD)
1000 USD till the 1st of March 2016
1500 USD before the 3rd of April 2016
1250 USD before the 22 of Nov 2016

About Dr. Wyatt Woodsmall
Dr. Woodsmall is an INLPTA Master Trainer and the founder and President of Advanced Behavioral Modeling, Inc., training and consulting firm committed to dramatically increasing the performance of organizations and individuals through the use of advanced behavioral and learning technologies.

Thirty years ago a small group spearheaded by Dr. Woodsmall began a study of the modeling process. Unlike many in the NLP community who have focused on "universal skills" and copying physiology and internal states, Dr. Woodsmall was interested in modeling specific job-related skills that revealed both the physical and mental components of an expert.

In the early phases he worked first with NLP founders John Grinder and Richard Bandler. He combined what he learned from these two pioneers with lessons learned in other fields such as behavioral science, human typological analysis, motivation theory, values research, accelerated learning, knowledge engineering and artificial intelligence. He has tested this synthesis through a series of modeling projects with the US Government and in the corporate and athletic sectors.

Skills modeled in the corporate world have varied from CAD operators and photographers for Polaroid, to machine operators for Avery Dennison, to telemarketing supervisors for MCI to modeling a salesman who sold a half a billion dollars’ worth of product over 5 years. For the last twelve years Woodsmall has worked with the US Olympic Diving Team modeling top divers and coaches.

Dr. Woodsmall has conducted trainings in over 30 countries on 5 continents. He has conducted 36 NLP Trainers Trainings and is viewed as the “trainers’ trainer” and the “expert on experts.”

Woodsmall is an expert modeler, business consultant and trainer. He is the author or co-author of five books and over 50 published articles on NLP. He is known for his vast range of interests and for his ability to synthesize complex ideas into new and more powerful models.

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