Murder at The Goon Show

Here’s a play that’s even funnier than “The Gong Show”! ’The Goon Show’ is a weekly television presentation featuring bizarre talent like Glob of Grease and Psychic Gorilla. On a dark and stormy night (perfect for a murder!), the contestants arrive backstage. This week’s talent features everything

from a girl who wears a birdcage on her head to a young man who attempts to squeeze through a tennis racquet. The show’s creator is frantic because someone is leaving threatening messages. He found the last one in a jelly doughnut! Not even his assistant, Sandra, can calm him down. The pot boils over when Zorina the hypnotist is murdered in a blackout. Conveniently, one of the contestants is a homicide detective named Harrigan, and he sets out to solve this baffling crime. He decides ’The Goon Show’ must go on. And what a hilarious display of nutty talent it is. Your audience will scream, shudder and laugh! Eventually all the suspects are rounded up and the blackout is repeated. Whodunit? Action is fast, the mystery is a real puzzler and the dialogue fall-down funny.

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2982 N. Park Ave, Suite G1, 86314
Prescott Valley
23 February , Friday 19:00

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